77 Catering Company Name Ideas and Suggestions

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Choosing a perfect business name ideas for catering company is like preparing the perfect meal. You need to mix ingredients with utmost care, precision, and creativity until you achieve not just a meal but a delectable artwork. The same goes for a company name. It is the first ‘taste’ potential customers get from your brand. A fantastic, Catering Company Name Ideas helps your catering company stand out amid a sea of competitors.

Think of your brand as the main course of a meal. The name, therefore, becomes the presentation of that meal—the first thing your potential clients dig into. Quite literally, it puts a ‘flavor’ to your brand that can make customers want to sample more.

Key Considerations for Naming Your Catering Company

  1. Target Audience and Niche

Knowing your audience will help steer you toward a name that tickles their taste buds.

  1. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

In the culinary world, your USP would be your secret sauce. What makes you different from others? Perhaps you only use organic produce, or maybe your menus are inspired by your Italian Nonna’s rustic kitchen recipes. Your unique point can be a vital ingredient in your name.

  1. Memorable and Easy to Pronounce

Opt for a name that’s easy to say and, consequently, easier to remember and recommend.

77 Catering Company Name Ideas and Suggestions

Just like there are countless types of cuisines and dishes, there are various types of catering company name ideas. Let me serve you a smorgasbord of options.

Here are 77 catering company name ideas:

  • Appetizing Affairs
  • Bite Me Catering
  • Bon Appetit Catering
  • Catering with Class
  • Culinary Creations
  • Delicious Delights
  • Delectable Delicacies
  • Divine Dishes
  • Elegant Edibles
  • Exquisite Eats
  • Fabulous Fare
  • Fork & Fun Catering
  • Forkable Feasts
  • Gourmet to Go
  • Gratifying Grub
  • Heavenly Bites
  • Incredible Edibles
  • Irresistible Eats
  • Joyful Bites
  • Just Delicious Catering
  • Mouthwatering Meals
  • Nibbly Bits Catering
  • Oh, So Yummy! Catering
  • Palate Pleasers
  • Plated Perfection
  • Remarkable Refreshments
  • Savory Sensations
  • Scrumptious Spreads
  • Sizzling Delights
  • Tantalizing Tastes
  • Taste Bud Heaven
  • Tempestuous Treats
  • Tempting Tidbits
  • The Hungry Robot
  • The Traveling Taste Buds
  • Tasty Temptations
  • Tickled Taste Buds
  • Tremendous Treats
  • Ultimate Edibles
  • Well-Fed & Happy
  • Wow-Worthy Catering
  • Yummy in Your Tummy

Creative Catering Company Names Ideas

  • A Dash of Delight
  • Culinary Canvas
  • Edible Art
  • Fork & Fire Catering
  • Forkable Masterpieces
  • Gourmet Getaway
  • Gratifying Grub
  • Kitchen Ninjas
  • Masterful Meals
  • Nibbly Nomads
  • Oh-So-Yummy! Ovation
  • Palate Picasso
  • Scrumptious Symphony
  • Sizzling Sensation
  • Taste Bud Tango
  • Tempestuous Tempestuous
  • The Culinary Alchemists
  • The Traveling Taste Buds
  • Tasty Travels
  • Tickled Tastebuds Trio
  • Tremendous Treat Tower
  • Ultimate Edibles Expedition
  • Well-Fed & Happy Wanderers
  • Wow-Worthy World Tour

Catering Company Names Ideas for Specific Niches

  • Green Gourmet Catering (for sustainable catering)
  • Fork & Fit Catering (for healthy catering)
  • Allergy-Free Affairs (for catering to customers with allergies)
  • Cultural Cuisine (for catering to customers with different cultural dietary restrictions)
  • Corporate Catering (for catering to businesses)
  • Wedding Catering (for catering to weddings)
  • Event Catering (for catering to other events)

Descriptive Names:

  • The Delicious Dish
  • The Hungry Caterer
  • The Party Platter
  • The Perfect Bite
  • The Traveling Table
  • The Food Emporium
  • The Culinary Collective
  • The Tasteful Touch
  • The Gourmet Galley
  • The Edible Extravaganza
  • The Mouthwatering Morsels
  • The Savory Selections
  • The Scrumptious Spreads
  • The Delectable Delights
  • The Culinary Creations
  • The Edible Art
  • The Food Fanatics
  • The Foodie Fete
  • The Gourmet Gathering
  • The Culinary Cavalcade
  • The Food Frenzy
  • The Foodie Fiesta
  • The Gourmet Gala
  • The Culinary Celebration

Creative Names:

  • Fork Yeah! Catering
  • Spoon Fed Catering
  • Finger Food Frenzy Catering
  • Pass the Pigs Catering
  • Let’s Eat Catering
  • Nom Nom Nom Catering
  • Food Coma Catering
  • Fork and Knife Catering
  • Eat, Drink, and Merry Be Catering
  • Life’s a Feast Catering
  • Food Is Our Love Language Catering
  • Eat Your Heart Out Catering
  • Food Is My Therapy Catering
  • I Love Food Catering
  • Eat, Pray, Love Food Catering
  • Food for the Soul Catering
  • Food Is My Life Catering
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Catering
  • Food Is My Happy Place Catering
  • I Love to Eat Catering
  • Food Is My Everything Catering
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Happy Catering

Unique Names:

  • The Foodsmith
  • The Culinary Alchemist
  • The Edible Artist
  • The Tastebud Whisperer
  • The Food Concierge
  • The Culinary Maestro
  • The Food Guru
  • The Foodie Ninja
  • The Food Whisperer
  • The Food Alchemist
  • The Tastebud Maestro
  • The Edible Architect
  • The Culinary Genius
  • The Food Prodigy
  • The Foodie Virtuoso
  • The Food Picasso
  • The Tastebud Van Gogh
  • The Edible Monet

Tips for Finalizing Your Catering Company Name

  • Before falling head over heels for a name, Check some Catering Company Name ideas to do some digging to make sure it doesn’t belong to someone else already. Missing this step could lead to legal snafus.
  • In this digital era, securing a matching website domain is as crucial as securing the freshest ingredients.
  • Just as you’d check the ripeness of fruits by gently pressing them, make sure your business name ideas for catering company are available across key social platforms.

The Importance of a Strong Logo and Branding

  • Think of your logo as the garnishing on your culinary masterpiece. It may not significantly impact taste, but it’s what makes people say ‘wow.’
  • Branding consistency is like managing your kitchen. Using the same spices across several dishes gives it a branded taste. Your designs, taglines, and company voice should all align in harmony.


In a nutshell, a good name can be the secret ingredient in your recipe for success. It is the first impression, the conversation starter, and, oftentimes, the deciding factor for potential clients.

As impactful as a name can be, remember that your priority is what comes after it: delectable food, top-notch service, and an unforgettable culinary experience. After all, what’s a well-named dish if it doesn’t make your palate dance?

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