Cardi B Taking The Side Of Kylie Jenner When Fans Show A Negative Response To Having Her In WAP Video

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Cardi B

Cardi B is an amazing American rapper, songwriter, and a very good actress. Cardi B is famous for giving several hit collections of rap that are listening all around the world with much interest. She became a famous personality after her several videos went viral on social media accounts.

Cardi new video song 

Cardi B has taken the famous personality named Kylie Jenner in her new song which has been released recently with Megan Thee Stallion, who is another famous American rapper, and popular for giving amazing writings as she is also a songwriter herself. She has started to rap since her teens. 

Recently, Cardi B has released her new video song, WAP. She is trying to take many different kinds of females in her video song just to give importance to all females out there. This is the only single video song of Cardi B that has been released in almost 9 months. And she further said that she was trying to normalize the difference between skin colors of different females related to different areas. 

Kylie Jenner Cardi B Megan Thee Stallion WAP Music Video

Cardi signed Normani and another artist 

Cardi B has involved many other artists including Normani and many more. She said The main work has been done by Normani while Kylie Jenner is seen just walking down the hall and opening the door. This is all said by the talented rapper named Normani, 27 of age in the recent tweet. Normani further said that this is not the perfect visual to show that black women doing the most while the white women doing the least to get somewhere and normani herself do not know what is doing all this. 

Cardi’s reply to a negative comment

While Cardi B replied to the tweet of Normani and said that why would I ask to open the door to Normani, she is the best female artist that dances so well making great moves in the whole Hollywood industry, this does not make sense to me either. She further explained that there is nothing like the race in this, she admitted that there is the discrimination about the race outside in the world that she always trying to spread but for the god sake there is nothing like a race in this. 

In the third tweet, Cardi B further said that why I chose Jenner to be in my video? Because we have great family terms with each other. Jenner treated the daughter and sister of Cardi B at her boy’s birthday party so well. Besides all this, her husband and Jenner Ex are very close to each other, and Jenner ex is also a great friend of mine. Also, the mother of Jenner also treated me so well as she always has been giving amazing advice on certain matters of my life.

One of the fans tweeted

Another fan wrote on Twitter that Normani danced in the WAP video, that’s her talent. Jenner plays the role of a model in the song that’s her specialty. People are so judgemental, they do not know why they are doing this. In the reply of which the Money rapper replied Exactly on the tweet. 

Starting of petition

The person who started the petition and all this has written, 

The wap video is all good but when I see Jenner in the video I just want to throw my phone. And many of the people agree to his statement and all this was done on Sunday night. 

Response of Jenner

Rather give another comment In the reply of this comment, Jenner uploaded her backlash photos from behind the scenes, in which Kylie Jenner has seen with the daughter of Cardi B on her Instagram account. 



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