Can Ivanka Trump change anyone’s point of view?

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Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump. She is an American Businesswoman, consultant, entrepreneur, consultant, and fashion model of the United States, America. She has been serving since 2017 as an “Advisor to the President, her father Donald Trump. From March 2017, she left the “Trump Organization” and started to serve her father’s presidential administration as a senior advisor.

Ivanka Trump gave a speech on the Republican National Convention

Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump drizzled her father and praise his administration in a hopeful and intense speech on Thursday during the final night of the Republican national convention.

Ivanka all appreciation for Trump

 She said, to all the hardworking men and women working out there and those who are here now, you all are the reason that my father fights with a whole heart and all his potency, you are the cause that he will continue his fights for four more years. On the last night of Republican National Invention, the public now know her a “The Venerable Ivanka Trump”. She pointed directly to Donald Trump, that I love your real side and I appreciate you for being Potent.

A powerful statement by Ivanka Trump

 Ivanka said, seeing her father directly that “Donald Trump has not changed by Washington, Washington has changed by Donald Trump”. Ivanka has focused her strive on the job training and family centered-strives that also include child-care and families with paid leave. She said four years ago, I told you that my father Donald Trump will focus on making child care affordable and approachable, she said on Thursday night.

 As part of Republican tax cuts, in 2019, our child tax credit put over two thousand dollars into the pockets of forty million American families. Ivanka has also played an inspirational and disputable role in the white house, she served as a top west wing advisor to the president, an extraordinary position for the daughter of the US president.

Ivanka Trump’s husband named Jared Kushner has also served as one of the president’s adjacent and most trusted advisors. In the administration, Donald Trump has always appreciated his daughter and son-in-law, He has always appreciated Ivanka’s achievements. However, she is anxious to do something beyond her father’s re-election. She cleared that, I know my father never tries to communicate according to everyone’s taste and I realize that sometimes His tweets do not seem fit.

After four years, they come to know that Ivanka not only as his beloved daughter but also as his senior advisor, she is always being on his side through every thick and thin. She always remained supportive throughout his administration.

Ivanka Trump called as Complicit in Saturday Night Live

In March 2017, on the show named “Saturday Night Live”, she is called as the Complicit due to her misbehaving attitude in some situations such as a Muslim travel ban, and since then Ms. Trump has complained privately about the “moderating influence” moniker, arguing it was an image foisted upon her by others that never reflected her own views.

This is so correct in many ways as she always convinces her father trump to built a long wall along the southern border, as she was always behaving like a complicit in her father Trump 2016 campaign. 

Douglas Brinkley said about Ivanka Trump

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian all talked about the first daughter of Trump while appreciating her confidence, and all other valid points, at Rice University. He further said that she has unstoppable access to everything and anything in the world. 

Ivanka Trump used to the platform of Twitter to defend her Father

 She now frequently uses her Twitter feed to defend her father, a stark contrast from the posed family photos and occasional policy thoughts she once shared. In October 2019, as the House moved forward with impeachment proceedings against her father, Ivanka Trump shared the famous quote about the Enemies and Spies among his other political personalities. 

Ivanka tweeted in July

In July, she tweeted a photo of herself holding a can of Goya beans, praising the brand after its C.E.O.’s support for the president sparked calls for a boycott,  first lady. We’ve never had that before.”

Miss Ivanka as the Well-wisher of Women rights

In introducing her father on Thursday, Ms. Trump is expected to sound many of the same notes as she did in 2016, reassuring voters of the president’s commitment to helping working families, as well as her own dedication to women’s empowerment and the kitchen-table issues that transcend party lines.

This time, she will leave no doubt about the precise nature of her political identity, and to what extent it aligns with her father’s. As she officially publicized earlier this year, Ms. Trump is now a “proud Trump Republican.”



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