Brie Bella Feeling Excited And Wondering “Can’t Believe It’s Been A Week Since Giving Birth to Baby Boy”

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Time never stops! 

Brie Bella is loving the birth of her second child!

Brie Bella gave birth to her second child, A Lovely Baby Boy!

Brie Bella is feeling excited about the birth of her baby boy. She is already having a mixie feeling of joy and wonders about how fast her baby is growing. It’s only been a single week she gave birth to her second baby. 

On Saturday, August 8, the Total Bellas star, 36, shared her photo on Instagram, with her newborn son holding in the arms being covered with a printed blanket. Her 3 years old little daughter Birdie joe was also on her side with a sweet smile on her face.  

She captioned her post with sweet words that “Can’t believe it’s been a week already!!!”

Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan welcomed their baby on the 1st of August!

Brie Bella welcomed her second baby boy with her husband Daniel Bryan on August 1.

She uploaded a picture of holding her baby’s hand on Instagram and captioned it as “It’s a boy! 8-1-2020. We are completely overwhelmed with joy and everyone is healthy thankfully”. 

Some hours later after the excited post of Brie Bella, her twin sister, Nikki Bella posted that she had given birth to her first child with her fiancé, Artem Chigventsev, one day before the birth of Brie’s son. 

Both Sisters, Brie & Nikki came to know in January; both were pregnant!

In the month of January, both twins sisters informed their fans and followers that both sisters are pregnant and with a difference of about two weeks. They further said that they literally didn’t expect to be pregnant at the same time and all the more not predicted for their babies to be born on the same day. 

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are both blessed with a baby boy as ...

Brie Bella reflected her thought on this as “we both are shocked like all of you!!!” she further explained shockingly “Never in a million years thought did I think that my sister Nikki Bella and I would be having pregnant bellies at the same time!!! Knowing us, our babies will come to this world the same day too LOL!!! We are excited for you all to follow us on this amazing journey!!! Love you, Sister!!”

The twins experienced morning sickness in April together!

In April, both the sisters found and informed their followers too that they both were having the same pregnancy symptoms. 

Brie posted “We (Brie and Nikki) were so nauseous in our first trimester and I was never sick with (Birdie Joe) my daughter ever,” she further explained, “Nikki and I had morning sickness all day long. We felt like we had car sickness” 

Bella loves to care about her family!

Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan Welcome Second Child - Tv Shows Ace

Brie Bella is now feeling contented and excited to spend her life and precious moments with her family. The retired WWE wrestler shared on Wednesday, August 5, the episode of her and Nikki’s “The Bellas’s podcast” that the Covid-19 pandemic helped her to realize what’s her family really needs.



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