Boston Celtics; Three Points Which Can Earn The Team A 3-0 Series Lead

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With the NBA Postseason kick-off, it can be said that Boston Celtics are proving their build-up which was surrounding the team all season long.

Striking the score of 48-24, the team paved their path in Disney’s bubble with immense hopes and splendid expectations. And they did not prove anyone wrong in having their hopes on the Boston Celtics.

Even though Gordon Hayward was not part of the team due to the ankle sprain, Boston still has the most crucial team built up in the league. Kemba Walker has been quite the magnificent one, Jaylen Brown was versatile in these years, Marcus Smart is capable of being the best at everything and Jayson Tatum with his impressive performance left no stone unturned.

Apart from the mentioned players, the Celtics managed to go up to 2-0 against Philadelphia 76ers, which was quite a surprise for some people who were quoting that Celtics do not want to face 76ers in the playoff matches.

With only two games remaining including tonight’s match, Boston Celtics are destined to finish the series with a sweep and advance to the next round of the playoffs for the fourth time.

However, there are still some games to play, if Shamrocks wants to grab the series with the 3-0 lead, they should stick to the following three major points;


Boston Celtics have overall an impressive rotation since game-one; the Celtics have come so far from the first game with just an eight-point ratio in victory. A primary aspect of this undermining ratio is Celtics’ disappointing shooting efficiency, mainly from the three-point range.

They are not relying on the abundance of best skills that played a crucial role in their shooting percentage of 32 percent from 3 point range. This is not a viable trick to get success if obvious chances are missed, and that too in the playoff season, but still the team managed to be in the victorious stand at the end of the match.

In the second game, it was the other way around and it manifests in the scores as well. All the players, from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to Romeo Langford, everyone contributed to have a splendid victory. The Celtics lead the game with an amazing 44 percent from downtown and beat the Philadelphia 76ers with a 27 margin victory.

If Shamrocks are firm to lead the series, they must work more on their shooting ability from the three-point range, which will boost their winning chances more.


That is something different, but in most of the season it has been observed and Boston Celtics should consider replacing backup point guard Brad Wanamaker at the peak of the season. Danny Ainge or some other player can replace the backup point guard.

Now, why this needs to be considered, because of his restricted skills to less than preferable age, 30-year-old, the change should be brought in when the 2020-21 season hits in. 

With that being said, there is still much time left to play in 2019-20, and Brad can fit in his position with his improved performance. The Celtics can use the crucial element of his skills that is his strength in three-point shooting.

The point guard is best at shooting from a long-range and converting on 48 percent of his attempts from a long distance. He is no doubt an impressive catch and shooter. It is quite obvious that the team is hampered as Marcus Smart is being included in the line-up. If this point would be considered, he would be effective for the team’s play and in defense against the other team.


Nowadays, the NBA is a platform that runs by the stars; any team will go up if their main player plays his best. The Celtics’ franchise player Jayson Tatum, with his perfection in the game, the team is leading the series with 2-0.

As of now, the star is having extraordinary averages through these two games and proving that he is the man for the Boston Celtics. With 32.5 points, nine rebounds, three assists, and 2.5 blocks a game on 54 percent shooting from the floor, and an impressive 59 percent shooting from deep, Jayson is acing the game. In the postseason, the all-star set his career-high points total of 32 and then broke it with a whopping 33 in the next game. The Celtics are relying on Jayson Tatum and he is continuing his streak in moving forward, they will be without him for most of the postseason. If he continues to play like this, the Shamrocks will be able to take the Larry O’Brien trophy at the season’s end.



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