Here is a list of 8 Best Gaming Mouse in 2019

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While searching for the best gaming mice keep in mind the following qualities: shape, production quality, and the placement of the button placement. Other features to be on the lookout for include the control and swiftness of the speed of the mouse, angle snapping, and jittering of the mouse. Compiled for you here is a comprehensive and detailed guide towards the top available gaming mice on the market this year.


Expertly designed in terms of practical usage and aesthetics, Razer’s new addition to the market is an amazing gaming mouse. For strategic games and MMOs, this one is your best choice. It is remarkably lightweight weighing around a hundred grams, wireless, with a 16k DPI, 450 IPS, and has nine buttons. Accurate and satisfactory, additionally it has a scroll wheel and a 1k Hz report rate. Reportedly it does not lag in the virtual world and keeps up with the demands. With a battery life of 50 hours and quick charging speed, there is no need to plug it in while gaming for hours on end and it is Durable up to 50 million clicks.

The only downside to the mouse as noted is the odd side panel rubber grips.

  1. IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming FOKUS II

It has an optical sensor, 8 programmable buttons, weighs around 130 gms. It has a DPI of 12k and is not wireless and is best for right and left-hand gamers. For those who favor weighty pointers, this is their best choice in the market costing around 17 dollars it is pretty feasible for the pocket. It has a long-lasting aluminum casing and 128K built-in memory. 125/500/1000Hz adjustable report rate

The only downside to the mouse is perhaps the uncomfortably placed thumb buttons and its flashy exterior. However, its execution is faultless. Those who prefer weighty, substantial gaming mice the FOKUS II is a wonderful choice.


With an extraordinary 16k DPI, it has a light ring RGB. It is budget-friendly and definitely will not burn a hole through your pocket. It has a 50 million Omron switches. its weighting is not customizable, however, everything else including the programmable buttons and lighting is customizable. It has 3389 Pixart sensors, with beautiful lighting it is a decent mouse.  It has solid/forward/backward buttons and a convenient scroll wheel. Where other gaming mice fail it has sensitive, active, and substantial side buttons. Lacking perhaps the extra features that come along with expensive mice, Hyper X provides enough features that do extremely well. For daily gamers who prefer a heavy mouse, Hyper X is a plausible choice.


Best for right-handed gamers, it has 12K DPI and a Titan wheel. It is not wireless, has around 3 buttons, and with a compact and substantial build and casing it is a good choice for those who prefer weightier mice. Aimo has a macro memory of 512KB.  It is customizable and gives outstanding gaming results with adjusting the Roccat Swarm software just a bit. It works best only when played on PC.

Available in both black and white, Aimo weighs around 130 gms and lacks any LED lighting. It ideally does not stand out in the office space and is therefore great for sneaky gaming. Aimo offers an adjustable lift-off distance for gamers who prefer to lift their mice off the pad. It furthermore, provides exceptional sensors for gamers who try out everything playing for hours on end this is their best and satisfactory choice. Gamers who have big hands and find tiny macro buttons extremely difficult to use will find Aimo comfortable with its curved design. The button placed at the bottom of the mouse allows the gamer to save shortcuts for certain games. The colors are customizable and best for playing games in the office.


An alternative, comfortable choice for gamers who have big hands is Corsair’s new addition to the market; Ironclaw. With a DPI of 18k and optical sensors, Ironclaw offers the best performance in the market. It has 7 buttons and works best for right-handed gamers. It is extremely lightweight, weighing around a hundred grams. For a mouse that is not wireless, Ironclaw offers buttons that might seem a bit heavy and are not adjustable.  However, these buttons are remarkably sensitive and responsive to gaming demands and to the gamers’ commands.

This Ironclaw mouse is designed out of a range of varying materials including matte plastic, rubber sides, and an uncommon scroll wheel. All these materials combined together build into the effectiveness and practicality of Ironclaw. This customization of each panel, builds into the best fit of the mouse, making it a cozy fit in your palm, and comfortable gliding across the mouse pad. With a domed curve, it offers gamers the best grip in the market. It weighs a lot for a mouse that is not wireless and does not have adjustable weights. Ironclaw feels more tangible and material than the other gaming mice out there. Equipped with a smooth and downplayed RGB lighting it is one suave looking mouse. The entire unit of Ironclaw can be customized fully on Corsair’s iCue. The customizable features include various options such as calibrating Ironclaw mouse on the surface while it is being used. Perhaps not the most inherent software iCue still offers a wide range of options that can be customized.


Gamers who are willing to spend an extra buck for the best gaming mouse out there will find G502 the best choice out there. Wireless with an incredible 16k DPI, and Logitech optical Hero sensor it has brought competition to the market.  G502 weighs not more than 114 gms, seven grams lighter than the original, and has a full programmable range of 11 buttons, however, this mouse works best only for right-handed gamers and leads to misclicks for left-handed ones. Besides this, the only other downside to this slick mouse is its price tag.

G502 additionally offers customizable RGB, which fits and works properly with the Powerplay charging mat. The Powerplay mat charges the mouse at a speedy rate, and pairs it to your PC without requiring a USB dongle. The original classic G502 is veneered in the gaming circle for its accuracy, great performance, and price range. G502 offers gamers with adjustable modular weights that can be added or removed. The scroll wheel can be locked in position or unlocked in accordance with gaming requirements. This updated version provides its fans an upgrade on the original version, giving the classic mouse new and significant changes it is worth every dollar spent.

  1. Logitech G MX518

MX518 has broad 16K DPI settings, wired USB interface. It offers 8 programmable buttons and a 1k Hz report rate. Priced up to $60 it is feasible for those with a tight budget and is perhaps the best choice out there. MX518 offers the restoration of a certified classic and the best overall gaming mouse. Its features and offers can be customized through Logitech Hub.

Great, extremely reliable sensors, Mx518 has a smooth layout that fits perfectly into the hand. It offers gamers eight programmable buttons and broad DPI settings. The mouse’s structure is perhaps slightly narrow for those with big hands. The classic Logitech MX518 is a popular and esteemed gaming mouse in the industry ever brought to market by the company. Since its release more than ten years ago gaming technology has improved vastly. Thus to compete effectively in the market it was essential to come out with new hardware by simply retouching the original MX518.

The new HERO unit is a leap from the original mouse’s 18k DPI. This version is extremely precise. The new version boasts the classic’s structure and exterior design but has a suave Nightfall touch elevating the aesthetics.  MX5518’s exceptional performance makes it a desirable pick in our choice of the best gaming mice of 2019.


The best gaming mouse of 2019 offers 12,000 CPI, a customizable OLED display, additionally customizable weight. It provides gamers with 60-million click mechanical switches, haptic feedback engine, and RGB lighting. Rival 710 is a little on the expensive side at a $99 price on it. This mouse is balanced and heavy.  It offers the best features, is balanced, and performs superbly. It is extremely powerful, the haptic engine is best for MOBA players. All the features on the mouse are modular so gamers will always be up to date on the latest technology. It has a wonderful TrueMove 3 sensor. Despite Rival 710’s large structure, it is a comfortable fit in gamers’ hands. It has a soft exterior. Among the cable, rear logo, and backplate, all the pieces of the mouse are replaceable. It is ideal for long gaming sessions. The two-zone RGB lighting can be controlled through the SteelSeries Engine software. Rival 710 is worth its steep price and is by far worth the price and the best gaming mouse of high quality in 2019.



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