beautiful bond shared between Sarah Khan and Parul Chauhan

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The television industry is not just based on male and female leading actors but it also contains supporting actors without whom the show is incomplete. We always appreciate the bond between male and female leading actress but why we always forget to mention the friendship bond between costars.

Now we are here to show you the beautiful bond of good old times between the famous Sarah khan and Parul Chauhan, starting their friendship from the very famous show all around the houses of India. They gave an example of a precious relationship between two girls with opposite skin color.  But they both did not bother their skin color and made a beautiful bond. 

Famous television serial

Sarah khan and Parul Chauhan were seen in the famous television show named, Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai. They beautifully showed the typical Indian culture in which people always determine beauty on the basis of the skin color. This drama made a record of the most-watched television show. 

The Drama, Sapna Babul ka. Bidai was also aired in Indonesia, and they both went to Indonesia for the drama promotion. They started their friendship from this drama and now also we can see both of them together giving us major Best friendship Goals. The two lead actress of the famous drama, Sapna Babul ka.. Bidaai, got so much love from their Indian Fans. they continuously keep on sharing their beautiful pictures together giving us amazing best friendship Vibes and we wish them the very best of luck to both of them.  

Sarah khan and Parul Chauhan both are moving toward their bright future with beautiful energy. They both struggled hard from the start to reach that point but here also, both are seen together making their bond stronger.



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