UFC 251: Fighters and Fans React to Amanda Ribas Submitting Paige VanZant in the First Round

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Amanda Ribas & Paige VanZant fighting at UFC 251Abu Dhabi

The very first fight at the main card took place in Abu Dhabi at UFC 251. The fight was between Amanda Ribas from Brazil and Pauge Vanzanta mixed martial artist from America. 

The fight ends with exciting moves making Amanda Ribas, the winner. Amanda Ribas scored quick submission over Paige VanZant. Paige VanZant was actually fighting out his last fight because of her current contract with UFC in a women’s flyweight bout with Amanda Ribas. 

Fighting details:

VanZant came into the fight for a reason as an underdog.  Just in less than 3 minutes after the beginning of the fight, Ribas exactly scored an armbar submission.  The bout started off the fight Island pay-per-view from Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. VanZant and Ribas began the fight with the exchange of a few and impressive strikes before closing the fight in a grapple against the cage. 

Ribas showed a better and coordinated body control and with the help of it scored a trip takedown into side control. VanZant struggled hard to pull her away from her position. In short, she was working to take Ribas’ back. But Ribas was too smooth-running and adaptative that she couldn’t be stumbled from her belly-down armbar. 

The fans of both didn’t wait for long to know who would be the winner. It just took a moment for this one to be decided when Amanda Ribas took on fan-favorite Paige VanZant.

VanZant appeared as the biggest underdog of this night who was exhausted on the midway through the first round after Ribas gripped firmly an armbar that swiped the things away shortly after 6 a.m local time. 

Moreover, the contract of the VanZant with the UFC has been over and he is now a free agent. But this performance won’t interrupt in her next moves those she is going to take in her career.  The fight ends with a beautiful moment when both fighters embraced each other with a nice hit.

UFC fans and media reacted this way to Ribas’ victory:

One of the fans of Paige VaZant said on twitter

“Genuinely, feel bad for Paige VaZantwas pushed heavy and got tons of grief for it but never improved enough as a fighter to validate the attention. It’s been too much, too soon, with too many expectations. #UFC251” (From E. Spencer Kyte @twitter)

Another Dave Doyle said on twitter; “I am thinking we shall get a good idea whether or not one has any money left based on if Paige VaZant gets an offer.”

Josh Gross wrote on twitter; “Amanda Ribas continues to show why she is a real deal. A massive favorite against Paige vaZant and Ribas lives up to that. Methodical grappling work to hit a straight armbar. Interesting to see what kind of market there is for PVZ, who just fought out her contract.”



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