Abby Johnson; An Anti Abortion Activist Whose Narrative Is Again Under Scrutiny After 2020 Rnc Speech

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Abby Johnson took to the stage at Republican National Convention on Tuesday, where she denounces her previous job and talks about the anti-abortion rights in the country. She talked about her journey from the Director of Planned Parenthood Clinic to an anti-abortion activist.

It’s not the first time she had told the story, she talked about it first in Huckabee on November 8, 2009, and then after a while when she quit her job from Planned Parenthood. And most recently in a film, Unplanned, that is based on her 2011 narrative.

Anti-abortion activists used her 5 minutes on the Republican National Convention to talk about her anti-abortion views and allege Planned Parenthood, which is the largest reproductive health care, provider.

Abby Johnson, who is mostly under the scrutiny due to her controversial stance on Women’s right to vote and her racism statements. She worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years before her conversion to an anti-abortion activist.


Johnson told the audience in her speech at RNC that “more than 80 percent of Planned Parenthood offices are placed in minority neighborhoods.”

Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger denies the claims by saying that only 4 percent of the offices are placed in areas where one-third of the population is black.

On Tuesday, she brought a tale about her final day at the office and where she allegedly witnesses the ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week old fetus.

“Nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen at that time, an unborn baby fighting back, desperately trying to move away from the suction.” And I will never forget the doctor’s words; “Beam me up, Scotty.”

Throughout the speech, Abby was using abortion graphically and said; “Do you know how abortion smells like?

Her story about that day was scrutinized many times and her description of the fetus’s movements is not accurate according to medical science.

According to Texas Monthly article; “Johnson described that the woman whose abortion procedure she observed was six weeks pregnant at that time, it means there would have been no fetus to be observed on the ultrasound, just an embryo, for that there was no medical need to get guidance from an ultrasound.”

The records of that day also did not list any patient that is beyond ten weeks of gestation.

Her speech was a validation of Trump’s stance about abortion, as she said that Trump has done so much for the unborn. 

After her speech at RNC, she tweeted;

“Pro aborts are now so scared of my speech; they are trying to divert people from my speech. Well, guess what? You can dig out my old tweets whatever you want. I am still speaking.”


Before Abby’s highly graphic speech on Tuesday, her story has already proved a lot of times, and questions were raised about the authenticity of the facts.

When Johnson tells her conversion story, investigative reports start to question its validity.

Saul Elbein reported that “Johnson was handed over an improvement performance plan after she was involved in an inappropriate email work.”

Her two former friends stated that she was having a hard time with money and was having debt issues; one of them stated Abby was planning to join an anti-abortion organization because she would get high speaker fees.

“All of this is about a displeased employee.”

Nate Blakeslee has reported that her former Planned Parenthood clinic has no records of the incident which she quoted that let her convert to an anti-abortion activist. On the day, about which Abby quoted that ultrasound-guided procedure was performed.

The clinic operated an Abortion procedure every other Saturday, and it is highly unlikely that she mixed the dates. 

Abby disagrees with this, and when Unplanned was about to be released in 2011, she published an editorial insisting that her claims are true and accused Planned Parenthood of deliberately altering the records.

Whatever the authenticity of her claims, there was one other thing that raised a question in her RNC speech. She said a lot about Margaret Sanger’s racism, but before that Abby said in the now-deleted Controversial YouTube video in which she was saying that “Police was smart to profile her mixed-race son as he is more likely to commit a violent offense than her other white kids.”


Abby Johnson, who converts into an anti-abortion activist more than a decade ago and since then claimed her stance to be true. She works as a Director for Planned Parenthood in Texas and resigned from her position in 2009 after she presumably watched an abortion procedure.

She opposes abortion in all types of cases, even hormonal birth control. On her website, she embraced a new kind of feminism and tells that the procedure hurts women and women should dress more modestly.

Johnson also gets under fire for her head of household voting opinion; she said that only the “Head of household” should be allowed to cast the vote. Even before her speech, she still defended her tweet. Abby Johnson has eight children, and she was criticized when she said that her brown son was more likely to commit any violence.

Previously, she tried to use the basics of Black lives matter to advocate for her anti-abortion narrative.

“I think maybe it is the time for me to lead a campaign to paint ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ outside of every abortion clinic in this country, I am not for arrest for that, but I am feeling like that maybe this would show hypocrisy that is running deep-rooted in our society today.”

Jenny Lawson, Executive director for Planned Parenthood Votes said that Abby Johnson could not be trusted with her stance about the safe and legal abortion procedure and further goes on to say;

“As Republicans will continue to tell lies and denounce the sexual and reproductive health services, we will continue to throw light on President Trump’s and Vice President Pence’s indefensible health care record until now and continue to fight to protect the access to reproductive health and rights at the ballot box.”



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