6 best games for Android Operating System

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The generation of today’s era is found very addicted to game playing. Either these are video games or games of any other version that appears on your phone through Google play. Especially children spend most of their time while playing these games and are always in search of finding the best. The games that most appeals to the children are usually thriller games for boys.

But girls usually like Barbie games. Out of all operating systems, Android is the most usable one in the world. That’s why in this blog we are targeting the best android apps that would not only leave the children adventurous and stunned but also the youth. These games are:

Top 6 Best Games For Android

1. Halfbrick studio games:

Price: Free 

Halfbrick studios work as a developer on Google play. They have launched a bundle of impressive game apps there. They have given some child favorite apps like:

  • Fruit Ninja: A classic Arcade
  • Jetpack Joyride: A classic infinite runner
  • Dan the Man: Decent Mobile runner/fighter

These games are really simple and work with quick mechanics and serve as excellent time killers. 

2. Monument Valley 1 and 2:

Price: $3.99 or $4.99 with $1.99 DLC

Monument Valley is an iconic game app developer franchise. It involves the M.C Escher style puzzles with fun graphics and mechanics. In these games, you play and win the levels to open new paths. The only problem with these games is that both are paid games with no advertisements.  Moreover, you can still enjoy them in that way. The second game may have DLC. Mekorama is the only game of the same genre available as free on Google.

3. Nintendo games:

Price: Free to play/ varies

Nintendo games cover the fame of the sky while running on your mobile phones. These games include:

  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Animal Crossing
  • Pocket camp
  • Super Mario Run

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are free games but Super Mario Runs earns a premium title with $9.99. 

4. Noodlecake studios:

Price: Free to play/ Varies

It is a growing developer on Google play and gives mostly fun puzzlers like:

  • Lumino City 
  • FRAMED 1 & 2; 
  • Along with shooters including Island Delta 
  • Arcade sports games such as the Super Stickman Golf series and; 
  • BMX series

Never forget to Play Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odessy on their platform. The games on its platform are unique and interesting to play. 

5. Pokemon Go and Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite

Price: Free to play 

Pokemon Go is a very unique game platform with a requirement of versatile features. It demands GPS for in-game navigation, a camera for the capture sequences, and Bluetooth for the purchase of optional accessory. It requires roaming the real world to catch pokemon, pass gems conducting battles with other trainers, and collecting Poke stops. There are many other games on this platform including:

  • Jurassic World Alive
  • The walking dead: Our world 
  • Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite in the world of Harry Potter

6. Ryark rhythm games:

Price: Free to play/ Varies

Ryark game developer involves the best rhythm games on Google play on your Mobile phone. The collection of this platform includes:

  • Cytus 
  • Cytus II
  • Sdorica
  • Deemo
  • Voez 
  • Mandora

These games include colorful game controls with appealing songs. The newest one is Cytus II. A lot of these games include the DLC as in-app-purchases with more songs. Ryark is a good franchise with a rhythm genre on mobile with few good competitors.



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