2020 Schedule; Best Opponent Guard Face for 49ers

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The San Francisco 49ers are the famous National Football League, played in the Bay Area of San Francisco. The 49ers played in the National Football league as a member of the National Football Conference in the West division.  

The 49ers presented a schedule 2020 in which they made a list of best players as an opponent guard. This schedule made it easy to find out the player for each team to give them a hard time. 

We did a long survey to find out the best player that will give the opposite team a tough time. Here is the list of some capable players that will definitely be able to give that tough time. 

  • Arizona Cardinals | DE Chandler Jones
  • New York Jets | S Jamal Adams
  • New York Giants | DL Leonard Williams
  • Philadelphia Eagles | DL Fletcher Cox
  • Miami Dolphins | CB Byron Jones
  • Los Angeles Rams | DL Aaron Donald
  • New England Patriots | CB Stephon Gilmore
  • Seattle Seahawks | LB Bobby Wagner
  • Green Bay Packers | EDGE Za’Darius Smith
  • New Orleans Saints | LB Demario Davis
  • Buffalo bills | S Micah Hyde
  • Washington |EDGE Chase Young
  • Cowboys | EDGE DeMarcus

Further details of all these skillful players are as followed

Arizona Cardinals | DE Chandler Jones

Chandler Jame Jones is a famous football player in America. Jones is selected in the team Arizona Chandlers as of the competent defensive player. Jones started to play football from his college life. He has an amazing grip on all tricks involved in playing football. After leveling up, he had

  • 19.0 sacks,
  • He got his second first-team All-Pro nod last season.

Chandler Jones

 The overall cardinals could lose their balance but every time, Chandler Jones comes up with an amazing defensive game against the opposite team. 

New York Jets | S Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams is the best player. He proved himself the best defensive player in last season.  Adams can play a role of anything in the field rather it would be in the box, or covering the slot or whatsoever. This is hardly something in the football game which is unknown to him. He is nothing less than good news to his team. During the last season, he did 

  • 6.5 sacks
  • Seven pass breakups

Jamal Adams

New York Giants | DL Leonard Williams

DL Leonard Williams is also an American famous Football defensive end of his team, New York Giants of NFL, national football league. He played very well in every last eight matches and made an amazing record by facing 31 pressures and a sack to go along with two tackles for loss. It is indisputable to say that he would play an amazing opponent guard face for the 49ers.

Leonard Williams

Philadelphia Eagles | DL Fletcher Cox

DL Fletcher Cox is a famous American defensive line footballer. Philadelphia Eagles have an outclass opponent guard named DL Fletcher Cox. He had faced almost 60 pressures last season. In the last two previous seasons, he had

  • 14 sacks
  • 17 tackles for loss.

The 49ers faced a lot of struggles while having the best defensive player but DL Fletcher Cox proved himself one of the best defensive players in the NFL, national football League.

Fletcher Cox

Miami dolphins | CB Byron Jones

The Miami Dolphins have a good option of an opponent faceguard named CB Byron Jones. The Miami Dolphins are facing difficulty to win but it is not deniable that they have a good defensive player at the corner, who is hard to beat. Jones previously played as a free agent in five seasons, organized in Dallas. Pairing up with Xavien Howard would make him a much better player. Miami should add up some new players before they will find more difficulty, but having Jones as a defensive player is also a good option. 

Byron Jones

Los Angeles Rams | DL Aaron Donald 

DL Aaron Donald is one of the highly paid and is the finest defensive players in the whole NFL. He gained

  • Five consecutive First-Team All-Pro nods
  • Two defensive players of the year awards
  • 12.0 sacks per year ( 20.5-sack campaign in 2018)

Hence it is confirmed that DL Aaron Donald will definitely give hard times as a defensive player to 49ers in 2020.

Aaron Donald

New England Patriots | CB Stephon Gilmore

CB Stephon Gilmore is the best option for the New England Patriot club to choose him as a defensive player. He has the ability to do a great job as an opponent guard. He has been honored as 

  • Second straight First-Team All-Pro award

CB Stephon Gilmore did six interceptions last season when he played for the national football league. Gilmore would be the best option for the Patriot club against 49ers. 

Stephon Gilmore

Seattle Seahawks | LB Bobby Wagner

LB Bobby Wagner is the American football linebacker, in the team of Seattle Seahawks. He covered his space in such a clever way. Wagner is best known for a linebacker in the NFL, National Football League. Having LB Bobby Wagner in the field as a linebacker would give hard time to the opposite team. Wagner completes his responsibility in a very confident way. 

Bobby Wagner

Green Bay Packers | EDGE Za’Darius Smith 

EDGE Za” Darius Smith is the upcoming new talent that will be seen giving an amazing contribution in 2020. Smith had

  • 13.5 sacks
  • 93 pressures ( 12 pressures when he played a game against Seattle)

In 2019, he got his first chance to work full-time as a contributor in his team and is estimated to work better in 2020.

EDGE Za’Darius Smith

New Orleans saints | LB Demario Davis

LB Demario Davis, was good in everything a little bit like a saint defense, last season. Davis had,

  • 111 tackles
  • 4.0 sacks
  • Grading out at an elite 90.3 according to PFF. 

Davis has the best career experience of a good defensive line player and will give tough competition to 49ers in 2020.

Demario Davis

Buffalo Bills | S Micah Hyde

S Micah Hyde in the team of Buffalo Bills proved very successful in the world of football. Hyde played the best in the back end. His ability to cover his area is speechless. He is a strong tackler. Hing S Micah Hyde in Bills made their defensive system much better. And he would take his team to the next levels, all because of his multiple skills. 

Micah Hyde

Washington | EDGE Chase Young

EDGE Chase Young is a new young talent in the world of football games. EDGE Chase Young is the new drift player profile to play in the NFL, he did not play a snap in the NFL yet. But he will prove a good player at the Washington defensive line. EDGE is athletically gifted with amazing skills and he got his place in the football club easily. He had 

  • 27 sacks
  • 35.5 tackles at Ohio state.

Chase Young

Cowboys | EDGE DeMarcus Lawrence

EDGE Lawrence proved his team Cowboys right by giving him the opportunity to play against 49ers in 2020. He is one of the best edge rushers and incredible players of team Cowboys. It is not wrong to say that he is one of the best edge rushers, San Francisco will face in 2020. He had

  • 5.0 sack in 2019  ( had 25 the two-season Prior)
  • 56 pressures  a year ago

DeMarcus Lawrence



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