2020 NBA Draft Lottery Results; Minnesota Timberwolves Wins The No. 1 Pick

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The Minnesota Timberwolves won the NBA draft lottery on Thursday night, achieving the right to pick the first in the NBA draft of 2020.

They had not much chance of winning the league’s lottery; with only 14 percent chances they would select the number one pick in the NBA draft. Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers were thought to have the chance to win the lottery.

The Warriors still managed to secure the chance to pick the number two pick with Stephen Curry being the team’s online representative. Cleveland on the other hand dropped to the fifth spot, a second-lowest draft position that can be given to this team.

Being runners out of this season are Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls, and Cavaliers which was mentioned before. 

The most significant winner came out to be Bulls; whose chance of picking top four spots was just 32 percent and the Hornets was just lingering at 19 percent chance. The bulls will pick up no. 3 and hornets will pick up no. 4. The most shocking drop was of New York Knicks; with a 9.0 percent chance of winning the lottery and 37 percent chance of grabbing the top four picks, they fell out to No. 8.

Attendance Uplift

If we talk about the most relevant ones in this row, it is Charlotte jumping from No. 8 to No. 3 and Minnesota Timberwolves from No. 3 to No. 1. When the NBA halted the season, these two teams were at 29 and 30 on average attendance. A player with the level of LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, or James Wiseman might be helpful in ticket sales, as stadiums will be filled by the audience in the 2020-21 campaign.

But in spite of that, these teams will be looking forward to what the top picks will bring to Minnesota, which has been able to make just one playoff appearance since 2004 and the Hornets is not on the field postseason in four seasons in a row. The Pistons who have good chances to win the lottery and to have top picks; landed to no. 7 spot instead. 


Talking about lottery disappointment, Detroit was not the only team to make it to the list. The Knicks are unlucky ones too, they last improved their position for the draft in 1985, and on Thursday they fell from No. 6 to No. 8 even having a good chance of going to the top four. The previous year, the Knicks were at no.1 in pre lottery prediction but dropped to No. 3, missing out major stars in the process. Cleveland and Atlanta also suffer the fall in the NBA 2020 draft.


Even though the Celtics are busy in the playoffs but still they can’t miss the lottery ceremony. They didn’t jump from No. 14 to the top six, Boston was going to get the pick as a trade according to what was set five and half years ago. But instead, Memphis rose to pick no. 14 and gave it to Boston. With that being said, Celtics have the option to grab three picks in the upcoming draft, the No. 14 Pick given to them by Memphis, their own at no. 26 and no. 30 which they got from Milwaukee from the 2017 trade.

The NBA had locked this year’s draft with the lottery being held on Thursday Night. Minnesota managed to take the first pick even with the least chance to have the top pick. The pandemic is only going to complicate more things and it is most likely that the draft will also be set virtually.  This draft is considered flawed as there is a lack of consensus on the top pick but still it has loads of players that will have a career boost up. 

The 2020 NBA draft is all set to happen on Friday, 16 October. Over here we will look at how the proceeding will be like a team by team;



Starting with the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have the top pick of this year’s draft. Anthony Edwards would be considered as he is no doubt a scoring machine. Georgia Freshman has top-notch fitness, bursting energy, and an amazing shot-making ability. Edwards has just to improve his understanding of defenses and calculate where the rotation is originating. No one can doubt the extent of Edwards’s sporting level; it does not feel like he would be at No.1 with the percentage of shooting 40 percent from the field and about 30 percent from the three.

Edwards should now put more focus on offense rather than being more defensive. Only in this aspect, Edwards lacks behind.


LaMelo Ball is no doubt the number one player on our draft because he is the best fit in this year’s trend. Nowadays the NBA is dominated by heightened players who can easily shatter the other team’s defense with 6’7 height; he knows how to utilize his vision and inventiveness. He throws and passes the ball at such an angle that no other can do it with such perfection. This charismatic and enthusiastic player would be turning 19 years old this August, making him one of the youngest players of the 2020 draft.

The thing in which Ball should be more focused on is that he is not able to score much, but he is truly capable of being one of the wizards of the NBA in the next season. The defense is another aspect that he is lacking to some extent, but that might be covered as he compensates it with increased strength later in his career.


Okungwu became the top center pick in this draft because of how much of an effective player he is. He has a 9.8 percent block ratio which itself is phenomenal and knows how to tackle the defense. He has a strong physique; with a 64.5 amazing shooting percentage this year. He is mostly compared to Ben Adebayo, as his success paves a way for a young player like Okungwu to flourish in the field without being 7 feet tall. 

James Wiseman would most likely be picked at No. 2 and No. 3, but on the contrary, Okongwu is a much better player.


If talked about offensive player, Hayes would make the second-best player in this draft after LaMelo Ball. Hayes is a 6’5 lefty guard who really understands how to pick and roll, making him one of the top picks of the 2020 draft. He proved his explosive nature of shooting in the first season of the German league; he hit 87 percent of his free throws.

As other top players struggled to boost their scores, he finished the season with an exceptional 69 percent true shooting. He should focus on playing more defensively early in his career. Seems like pull-up shooting off the dribble is that skill that will make his career rise higher if he sticks to this skill in upcoming matches. Despite just turning 19 years old, he showed impressive play and ability to further modify skills.


Toppin is undeniably the best player of this basketball year, with a 99 percent ratio of scoring. The 6’9 player is a power finisher, but the question arises about defense in which he struggles. If he is paired with someone who is best at defending and Toppin being the offensive one, Toppin can amplify his efficiency more and will be able to make it into the best NBA players of all time. 


Avidija has an amazing vision, grab-and-go rebound skill, and aggressive nature; this 6’8 forward knows how to dribble and has the pass-shoot ability. He is no doubt best at passing and cutting the ball, but the question arises how much offensive he can become in the game.  He has to prove himself as a shooter too when the play will resume in the next league session.


Wiseman was the No. 1 recruit before playing with Memphis; the 7’1 player knows how to efficiently protect the rim. Critics are mostly concerned about the lateral mobility and second jump of the players, and how he will impact the game without his passing ability and offensive technique. His strong physique gives him the edge but is not much likely that he could make it to the top three picks in this year’s draft. 


The vessel, a 6’6 player, is an amazing defender of the side who finished no. 15 in the country, with the ability to pass and wall up near the rim. He might not be much offensive, but he rightly knows how to strike a quality shooting ridge. Vessel scored 41. 5 percent of his three-pointers in this season if looking for a player who can hit the ball on the move and from various distinct angles, he is indeed the best choice in that aspect.


Haliburton has proved himself to be the finest three-point shooter and a skilled passer, with a 42 and 35.3 percent respectively. However, he is not the player who can put off-guard the defenses of the opposition; he is being best at secondary ball handler. With the 3.8 steal rate that is top 40 in America, Haliburton is one of the most compatible players.  


Maxey, The 6’2 freshman is a pro at attacking the basket with amazing body control and phenomenal skill around the rim. He might lack the size compared with others, but he is good at defending the ball. He shot only 29 percent in terms of the three-point range but does better than 83 percent in his free throws. He might have some restrictions but he has the charisma to be an effective player in the NBA in the team that suits him ideally.

Over here are the results from the NBA Draft lottery 2020;


1. Minnesota

2. Golden State

3. Charlotte

4. Chicago

5. Cleveland

6. Atlanta

7. Detroit

8. New York

9. Washington

10. Phoenix

11. San Antonio

12. Sacramento

13. New Orleans

14. Boston (from Memphis)

Statefarm presents the remaining order of the first round and results of the complete second round of the NBA Draft 2020; names are mentioned below;

15.       Orlando

16.       Portland

17.       Minnesota (from Brooklyn via Atlanta)

18.       Dallas

19.       Brooklyn (from Philadelphia via LA Clippers)

20.       Miami

21.       Philadelphia (from Oklahoma City via Orlando, and Philadelphia)

22.       Denver (from Houston)

23.       Utah

24.       Milwaukee (from Indiana)

25.       Oklahoma City (from Denver)

26.       Boston

27.       New York (from LA Clippers)

28.       Los Angeles Lakers

29.       Toronto

30.       Boston (from Milwaukee via Phoenix)


31.       Dallas (from Golden State)

32.       Charlotte (from Cleveland via LA Clippers and Orlando)

33.       Minnesota

34.       Philadelphia (from Atlanta)

35.       Sacramento (from Detroit via Phoenix)

36.       Philadelphia (from New York)

37.       Washington (from Chicago)

38.       New York (from Charlotte)

39.       New Orleans (from Washington via Milwaukee)

40.       Memphis (from Phoenix)

41.       San Antonio

42.       New Orleans

43.       Sacramento

44.       Chicago (from Memphis)

45.       Orlando

46.       Portland

47.       Boston (from Brooklyn via Charlotte, Orlando and Philadelphia)

48.       Golden State (from Dallas via Philadelphia)

49.       Philadelphia

50.       Atlanta (from Miami via Sacramento, Cleveland, and Boston)

51.       Golden State (from Utah via Dallas, Detroit, and Cleveland)

52.       Sacramento (from Houston)

53.       Oklahoma City

54.       Indiana

55.       Brooklyn (from Denver)

56.       Charlotte (from Boston)

57.       LA Clippers

58.       Philadelphia (from Los Angeles Lakers via Orlando)

59.       Toronto

60.       New Orleans (from Milwaukee)



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