148 arrested as fans clash with riot police in Paris after PSG’s Champions League final defeat

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CNN reported – French Police had arrested 148 fans after the PSG’s defeat in the champions league final.

PSG’s fans clashed down with police near Champs-Elysees!

It is reported that after the defeat of PSG’s in the final of the Champions League, some people created disaster. This sudden created disaster resulted in fans clash between those people and the riot police. In the penalty of this disloyalty and violation, French Police arrested 148 people on the Champs-Elysees. All this occurred by the fans of Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League in response to their wrath about the PSG’s defeat by Bayern Munich on Sunday. 

Riot Police arrested guilty people due to violation!

“People were arrested due to the damage, violation and throwing projectiles”, the police of Paris reported on Sunday. They added further that more than 400 people were issued with a penalty for refusing to wear a mask. 

Up raged fans of PSG, caused damage to the surroundings and burnt a car!

Scores arrested as PSG fans riot after defeat | SuperSport

It is clearly visible on social media through photos that the police in riot gear is firing teargas to disseminate the fans of PSG’s. While in some other photos, a car can be seen on fire and one of the PSG’s supporters throwing fireworks at Police. 

 In a quick response to the car burning, firefighters were called to the spot. They could be seen in extinguishing a burning car near the Champs-Elysees following the PSG’s defeat in the Champions League final. 

It is also reported that the PSG’s fans went out of control after their teams 1-0 defeat by the Bayern Munich. As a result, fans clashed with police outside PSG’s Parc des Princes stadium. 

Bayern managed to name this match to them! 

It was, fortunately, the first appearance of PSG’s in the Champions League final in Lisbon on Sunday. But somehow, they couldn’t make it to succeed and win the champions trophy. But Kingsley Coman’s second-half header means the French champions desperately wait for European cup silverware goes on. 

Bayern’s was rendered the winner by fate and its victory handed it sixth European Cup title and first since 2013. 

France’s Interior Minister thanked the Police and Firefighters! 

As gratefulness to the police, France’s Interior Minister “Gerald Darmanin” thanked police arresting the violent groups and calming down the sparkling fire. 

Whilst, Deputy Mayor of Paris Nicolas Nordman uttered the “violence” was “intolerable”.     

He uttered further, “The perpetrators have nothing to do with the love of football, with PSG, with Paris. They must be condemned. Thanks to the Police and firefighters who intervened all night and brought peace”.



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