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The movie is basically a recording of moving objects having different new ideas, we see on a screen theatrically. It is the form of art having new things, when overseen it brings new thoughts and ideas to the people. It gives motivation to people to do that same kind of stuff they see in the movie. Therefore the main concept of any kind of movie should be considered so that people would motivate themselves to do positive things which are good for their lives.

Movies bring us the joy to spend our time in a great way. It also provides us a way to see different cultures, festivals, and art forms in your home rather than to go to cinemas. Hence it would be an amazing opportunity for us to see online movies on Putlocker at home. But this is not possible every time to see our favorite movies without any interruption online. Therefore we are here to give you the simple guideline so that you can enjoy online movies at home without any interruption.

But how could you stop watching your favorite online movies? Here are the safe sites we provide you with.  So rather waste your time on the useless sites to watch your favorite shows online, you must go for these legal websites to watch any kind of your favorite show without consuming your energy on these wrong sites. So here we provide you the list of some sites that are in your access in substitute for this Putlocker.

Putlocker: Key points

  • Enjoying locked movies online
  • Unblocking the blocked movie easily
  • Other sites similar to Putlocker
  • Some unrecognized famous sites to unblock movies
  • Tutorial on How to watch unblock any movie
  • Disclaimer

Explanation of all these points, you want to know, is as follows.

Putlocker: Enjoying Locked Movies Online

Putlookers is a foreign website that is designed to share any kind of movie or other stuff of any size or format easily with other people online. It is famous for its amazing streaming of any kind of movie or tv shows, therefore, it becomes one of the most favorite online website providing endless content to watch online, but unfortunately, it has been crashed now due to some reasons and now we know that you people find problem to see your movie of interest at any time, anywhere.

Unblocking the blocked movie easily with Putlocker

The Putlocker is blocked Everywhere, here is a simple way that helps you to watch all these blocked movies

Other sites to see your favorite movies

  • AZ Movies
  • Movies Top 123
  • Pluto TV Movies
  • Solar Movies
  • 123 Movies
  • Movie
  • PopcornFlix
  • Film rise

AZ Movies

A large collection of online movies can be seen on the site of AZ movies, having all kinds of stuff and online prolonged streaming.  The main purpose of this site is to provide us with movies of 1080p and 720p without any interruption.  It has movies and Tv shows of different qualities according to the needs of people.  The main advantage to use this AZ movie site is that it provides us online streamed content at a very low budget so that you can enjoy your time at low cost without any interruption.

Movies Top 123

This website is included in the top-ranked website used by people to watch streaming of their favourite shows online. You can enjoy the streaming of your favorite show at a very low cost. This website covers all genres such as thriller, horror, romantic, and anything you want to watch. The best thing about this website is you can see online streaming without the need to sign up in an account. You do not need to make your account on a website to watch your favorite genre online.

Pluto TV movies

This website also helps us to watch online streaming videos. The best thing about this website is it has VOD services for libraries, title movies, and other videos. It is popular for giving people a variety of genres.  The main thing about this website is, it is an Over the top, OOT services. It is not like other websites that are hard or delicate to use. This is easy to use the website even for beginners.

Solar Movies

It is the most popular and authorized site among the users who prefer to see their favorite content online. It ranked high on the world level. It provides us to give users any type of quality according to their needs. It also gives us the kind of filters of different genres. It gives us a list of trending or popular movies online on the home page so that you do not find any problem to search for fresh and popular movies nowadays.

123 Movies

This 123 Movies website provides us with the highest quality content with the cheapest rate so far.  It also provides its user with any type of genre even when you have no subscription. This website allows its millions of users to provide HD quality without interruption. It is well known for providing amazing and popular movies on the go. All the movies are for free, even the fresh ones. You can easily take advantage of this site by watching your favorite show at any time.


Movie is the website that is not known freely but it can provide its user with best quality content, movies of any genre, or your favorite tv shows. The best thing about this website is that it gives us very few ads to watch. It provides the best customer service at very low rates. It is not that very famous website but has chances to rise on top very soon.


Here comes one of the best websites on which you can enjoy any kind of movie, you want to watch. It is a free streaming website formed in late 2017. It gained a lot of popularity in less time. It provides the best customer service worldwide. You can see your favorite shows without any need to have an account to register. It is owned by Screen Media Ventures, providing a big platform to watch your favorite show online.

Streamlord is such a friendly and easy to use the website. It provides us ad-free online content to watch without any interruptions. It never gives us any problem to face while using this website. It provides us high-speed streaming with the options of subtitles and downloading also. If you want to enjoy your streaming online, this is the best site to use. is also regarded as one of the most popular sites to watch your favorite online movie. It also provides you high-quality streaming without any interruptions of ads in between. The only drawback of this site is that it does not contain any tv shows to watch online. It will help you to see those movies that are not available on other websites without any problem.

Film rise

Film rise is a famous website to use for watching online movies and tv shows. It has almost 20,000 tags for watching online streaming on this website. It mostly provides you with a large collection of classic movies. So if you have an interest in watching old hits, this website would be the best for you.

You can also download this on Android, iPhones, Fire Tv, and more.

Other sites similar to Putlocker

We have a large collection of other sites, you can use similar to Putlocker. Some are as followed

  • Yidio
  • Internet Archive
  • Yes movies
  • Sony crackle
  • Vid
  • Vudu
  • IMDb TV
  • Tubi
  • Niter Movies
  • Snag Films
  • Space
  • Kanopy
  • Hulu
  • Vumoo
  • Sling TV
  • Disney + Hot star TV

Details of all these sites are given below

This website is the same as Gostream. Its design and graphics are almost the same as that of Gostream. It causes no more interruptions to watch your favorite show, once you have pressed the play button. It has the ability to give clear results on 720p on live streaming. You can watch ad-free movies or your favorite show without any need of registration easily on this website.


Yidio is new in all these websites providing online streaming. The best and different thing about this movie is that it gives you a search option to find your favorite movie online. It will help you to watch the best online free movie with no hurdles.

Internet Archive

 This site has a lot of content related to the digital world alongside movies of all genres, tv shows, and whatever you want to watch online. It has a collection of all movies from the 1990s to 2020 available to watch.

Yes movies

A very exciting app to watch online streaming is the yes movie website. Yes, you got it right. Yes, movies give you an open space to search for your favorite content and watch it online. It will give you the latest updates regarding new hits or popular movies to watch.

It will give you the opportunity to open several tabs at one single time.

It is also the best online streaming website. It will allow you to watch your favorite movie or TV serials online. When you search your movie it will give you an option to buy premium but you have to click on the option of No Thanks and then you can enjoy your movie online.

Sony Crackle

It is an online streaming website, providing you with the best content. All types of movie genre show or whatever you want, you can enjoy on this website. 

But it has one consequence that it contains ads while you are watching your online streaming.


If you want to share, upload any of your videos, this app will give you the best results. It also gives you the option to watch your favorite movie online. It also has the option of downloading your favorite movie to watch later.


Vudu is best known for its feature to provide us with the video on demand. It contains millions of movies to watch online. It provides you an easy to search and watches your favorite movie in no time.

It requires no account or registration to watch online movies on this website. Movies on Us is its free version to watch online with commercials.


This website is owned and regulated by Amazon to watch online movies, tv shows, documentaries, and much more. But it needs an account to watch these free online streaming with several ads.


Tubi is also a famous website supported by google play store, Apple play store, and by others. It provides us online streaming to watch our favorite shows or movies of any type easily. It also contains ads while you are watching your movie.

Niter movie

It is another website you can use to watch online streamings, free movies. You are just one click away to watch your favorite show, movie, or comedy. It will give you the best platform to watch your favorite movie online.

Snag films

Snag film, giving you a service with high-quality movies or shows to watch. It provides you with those latest movies that are seen by billions of people worldwide. If you are looking for only a single genre then this website will provide you the best results according to your needs.


The best thing about this website is, it will provide you high quality streaming with the option to see trailers of that movie. It will give you the opportunity to watch the movie of your interest. It also gives you the main option to search for your favorite movie. It will entertain you with a max of 1080p for high definition experience.


The most popular site in the list is Kanopy. It will provide you with millions of movies but you have to buy its library card to enjoy these movies online. Although it has limited content you will find your streaming smooth on this website.


This website is secure and reliable to watch tv shows on one website. It contains all kinds of dramas on a single website for your convenience. It has several connections with other TV networks to ensure you the best and high quality shows online. 

It is basically derived from an international website providing you All your TV in one place.  It will not interrupt you with commercials during your online streaming.


Vumoo is the best and easy way to watch your favorite movies online. It will provide you with high-quality entertainment while consuming less or no time.

Sling TV

It is American based on top internet television owned by the Dish Network. You have to pay to watch online things according to the package you have chosen for your online streaming. You don’t need to set any box device once you start to choose this Sling Television.

Disney + Hotstar Tv

It is the best website you can use in place of the Putlocker website. It will provide you high-quality content with no interruptions. It contains all kinds of movies, tv shows, sports or comedy shows on just one click. 


We are here to promote all those sites where you can enjoy your time without wasting a single rupee. You can watch all your favorite movies or shows on any of these sites listed above.  You can replace your Putlocker website with any of these amazing websites to enjoy your favorite content to watch online.

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