The Man Who Was Thursday

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The Man Who Was Thursday

The Man Who Was Thursday a mystery and thriller movie written by Hungarian Balázs Juszt and helmed by a film containing François Arnaud, Ana Ularu, and Jordi Mollà. It was first premiered on 21 June 2016 on the occasion of the Edinburgh Festival. The inspiration of the director was his teacher, István Szabó.

Cast & Crew of The Man Who Was Thursday 2016 :

Top Billed Cast

  • François Arnaud


  • Mark Ivanir


  • Jordi Mollà


  • Ana Ularu


  • Emanuela Postacchini


  • Isabel García Lorca

Julie Maple

  • Linc Hand

Father Wilson

  • Theo Alexander


  • Attila C. Arpa

Gelato Ragazzo

  • Ferenc Huber

Nazi Hooligan

  • Péter Fancsikai


  • István Kovács

The Pope

  • Krisztián Kolovratnik

Russian Thug

  • András Faragó


  • László Konter

Saligia Warden

Plot Summary of the movie :

THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY is obtained by the existentialist novel of a similar name by G.K. Chesterton (1908). The tale is viewed as a supernatural spine chiller. Our film could be consider equivalent; however, it can also be thought of in more traditional realistic terms as a mental and heavenly spine chiller. 

The Man Who Was Thursday is a mystical horror movie, chronicling one of Father Smith’sSmith’s Faustian drops into the hidden Roman world. Following a despicable turn at his neighborhood area, Father Smith is called to Rome for profound recovery. Upon his appearance Charles, the one who brought him to faith uncovers the simple explanation Smith was brought to Rome; to go underground and find out the puzzling head of a revolutionary group of renegades. Smith acknowledges this mission and, at last, uncovers the genuine authority of the group and makes up for himself, however not before encountering a reiteration of exciting twists and turns. 

Review :

The film’s saving quality is its delightful visuals, and the cinematographer, Guy Livneh, ought to be recognized for his endeavors. There is gigantic strict imagery at each second, and there are times when we can feel how inevitable his confidence is for Father Smith. Nonetheless, this is soil by the assurance to make the film lustful at any expense. For instance, all sex scenes are outlined by the cross. Like the flashbacks to fundamentalist Italy, I was contemplating whether there was a requirement for a portion of these scenes or merely quick fixes to distract the fans from the confusing and messy plot. 

At its best, The Man Who Was Thursday is a wonderfully shot film with a fascinating reason. But at its worst side, the plot of this film makes a fool of itself in a race to convey an activity-packed spine chiller that deconstructs religion, ethical quality, and one-party rule. Eventually, Juszt’sJuszt’s presentation film was a let-down. Many more attempts are require to make it enjoyable. 

Filming Locations :

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Rome, Lazio, Italy
  • Hungary
  • Italy

Release Dates :


21 June 2016

(Edinburgh International Film Festival)


15 October 2016

(Austin Film Festival)

South Korea

14 September 2017

Soundtrack :

  • Amore Fatale

Music by :

  • Kornél Fekete-Kovács, lyrics by Achilles Filippo Sparta
  • Performed by András Szabó and the Modern Art Orchestra

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The Man Who Was Thursday

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