The Democratic National Convention Starts Off In Milwaukee On Monday, With Michelle Obama And Bernie Sanders, And John Kasich As Guest Speakers:


The Democratic National Convention, which is held after every 4 years to elect the new U.S. president and vice president through selecting one figure from each party. All the officials get together in this event to be a part of this big decision. Though this year it would not be as big as before due to the ongoing pandemic, Coronavirus.

Due to the pandemic, the whole event is planned accordingly. The duration would be reduced unlike the other times it took place and the venue would be kept small and safe. The convention will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 17, 2020. 

The speculated president of this year is a former Vice President, Joe Biden. To run for the Vice Presidential post this year, Biden chose his mate, Kamala Haris, who is also a Senator and is from California. 


The Democratic National Convention, 2020, is all set to start on this Monday with unity as their theme. All government officials will be present at the big event and selective officials including, Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders will be the speakers in the event who will cover the progressive and traditional aspects.

The event was slightly altered due to the ongoing pandemic, Coronavirus. Keeping in mind the current situation, the even won’t be as big as it traditionally is. Usually, the National Convention is planned years before and is celebrated on a big scale but this time it got postponed first, and now when it is finally happening, they decided to keep it small and safe and arranged it at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Also, it will not be celebrated the way it always is due to the current situation.


The Democratic National Convention Committee spoke about the ongoing situation and the event saying that “There were many obstacles this year that stopped the Convention from happening but as per that saying, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’, we stuck together and united in this hard time and made the event happen. So nothing is impossible if you are working together as a nation and a team”.

The convention will be hopefully a successful event. This is the first time that a black woman is being nominated for the Vice Presidential post. The government is taking all sorts of measures to prevent gathering because of the current situation. 


The convention always brings up a keynote speaker every time it takes place. This year, the keynote speaker of the night is the former first lady, Michelle Obama, who hasn’t been in the highlights much throughout the year, 2020, but is all said to appear as a speaker on National Convention.

Joe Briden is the expected President of this year and his former rival, Bernie Sanders, who was running against him, will also be appearing as a keynote speaker of the night. 

Along with him, 2016’s candidate for President, former Ohio Governor, John Kasich will also speak in the upcoming event. 


Initially, the event was scheduled to take place in Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum, but because of the pandemic, the venue was changed to Wisconsin Center, which is a couple of blocks away from Fiserv Forum.

The convention will take place from 17th August till 20th August, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. It will be a four-night event that will include all the current and former public figures and officials and will have a lot of fun elements for the viewers to watch. Much information hasn’t been released yet but according to the sources, viewers should expect the surprise appearance of several celebrities.

The event will be covered by ABC News for the next four nights and will be aired on national Tv from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. every night.

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