Midnight Sun: Stephenie Meyer’s New Take On The 2005 Twilight- Novel Series.


Stephenie Meyer, 46, born on December 24, 1973, is an American novelist who wrote a number of good novels but she became most popular because of her famous vampire series, Twilight. People bought the novel like crazies and enjoyed every bit of it. Over 100 million copies of the novel were sold and she became the bestselling author of 2008 and 2009, in the U.S.

The romantic vampire series had six parts in total, Twilight (2005), The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1 (2011), and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 (2012). The novels were also shaped into movies, which gained immense popularity and did really well in the box office.


Another part of the Twilight series, Midnight Sun (2020) was released by Stephenie Meyer recently. In this part, the story is told by Edward’s perspective, unlike the first part in which the story was narrated by the new girl in the town, Bella.

The book basically answers all the questions from Edward’s perspective like was he really into Bella in the beginning, or she was just a target for him. Also, in Twilight the characters were described differently but this one takes a totally different take on all the characters as it is told by a different person this time.


Stephenie shared a little something about the new book, Midnight Sun, in a statement she shared with the Us Weekly. She said that the fans think of all the characters differently as described in the previous book but this book will change the whole thing for them and the new description of the characters will surprise them for sure.

Bella’s Character Comparison Between Twilight And Midnight Sun:

The author describes that in Twilight, Bella was the one who was always confused and hesitant, as the story was told by Bella’s perspective. But in Midnight Sun, Edward tells the story and according to his point of view Bella was portrayed completely differently from what we have seen and read in Twilight. He describes Bella as a calm, collective, and a very composed person. 

Meyer also revealed that Midnight Sun focuses a lot more on Bella’s character on how she was obsessed with Edward and many more things about her that weren’t touched in the Twilight.

Edward’s Character Comparison Between Twilight And Midnight Sun:

In Twilight, Edward Cullen is portrayed as a very confident person who’s sure about everything he’s doing. But in Midnight Sun, he’s a totally different person who’s unsure about everything and is constantly in anxiety.

This comparison shows that the characters are described completely differently in both books and according to the writer, it would be a surprise for the readers and will hopefully a treat for them to read it,


As far as the story of these three is concerned, Jacob plays a big role in Edward and Bella’s life. In Twilight, there’s not much given about what Edward thinks of Jacob but in Midnight Sun, Edward’s thoughts about Jacob are explained properly, and according to Meyer, this new revelation will come as a shock for the readers.

Stephenie reveals that Midnight Sun was a much tougher project than Twilight. It took a lot of effort, and the story is a little towards the ‘darker side’.

In this book, Edward is constantly in anxiety and he thinks that nothing is going to fall in place and things won’t end well for him or anyone else. The book consists of 30 chapters, out of which Edward seems a little hopeful in only three of them, and in the remaining 27, he’s in anxiety all the time.

The book, Midnight Sun is now available and the fans are already going crazy about it, and can’t wait to find out the new twist in the story.

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