Kriti Sanon To Be Seen In Krrish 4


Kriti Sanon is doubtlessly an amazing Indian actress, who got fame in the whole Bollywood industry by her consistent hard work. Kriti Sanon has done engineering and after this, she started to work as a model. And now she is among one of the successful actresses of Bollywood.

She worked mainly in Hindi movies with so many amazing artists including the Late Sushant Singh Rajput, Varun Dhawan, and many more. She has proved that the young generation has much more talent to show in the whole universe of actions and skills. 

According to reporters

According to some reporters, it is heard that Kriti Sanon will be seen playing the lead role in the upcoming hit named, Krrish 4. Krrish 4 is the fourth part of the famous movie, Koi mil gya. This movie crossed the records of most seen movies all around.

This movie was mainly popular with the kids because that movie has an amazing character of Jaddu in it, that Jaddu’s character was so loved by the kids of that time. After this, producers made another hit having the character of Krrish in it having so many magical powers.

That character again gave a powerful impression on the mind of kids, that became the reason for that part to hit again. But the fourth installment of Krrish is standstill when the Producer Rakesh Roshan has been diagnosed with cancer. And now the producer Rakesh has appeared to be working on the fourth installment of this superhero franchise. 

Kriti signed for the movie Krrish 4

However, it is said that the producers have signed Kriti Sanon for their upcoming hit of this superhero franchise and all the fans of Kriti have seen very excited after this news, published in Filmfare recently. But the official announcement has not been seen anywhere. After all, this would be the first collaboration of Kriti Sanon with the Most handsome actor, Hritik Roshan on the big screen. 

Now producers are working on the fourth part of the movie, named Krrish 4. And it is heard, Kriti Sanon will be seen playing the lead role in the movie. According to the reporters, Kriti showed interest in playing the female lead role in the movie Krrish. And now she has got the chance to play the leading role.

Hritik Roshan 

When you talk about the actor who is the most handsome, talented and best dancer, and much more, there is just one name, which would click on your mind and that is the name, Hritik Roshan. He is amongst the most handsome men in Asia. His acting skills, his moves, his attitude, everything is on point. There is no one who can compete with Hritik Roshan. He is seen to play the lead role in all the series of Krrish including Koi mil gya. And he played all roles with much accuracy. 


There were many rumors that Kriti Sanon was signed for one of the installments of this superhero franchise but Kriti Sanon laughed at all such rumors and said that she never even met the director of the movie, Krrish. 

Kriti upcoming project

Now Kriti Sanon is seen working for the upcoming movie, Laxman utekar’s Mimi, that is the remake of Marathi film mala aai vhhaychy! She will be seen playing the role of a surrogate mother in the movie and she also gained around 15 kgs to play this role.

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