Friends: The Reunion is coming to HBO Max:

Friends: The Reunion

They’re going to be there for you… although they were there for you for the last time 25 years. They return in a special Friends: The Meeting and the One Where They Get Together. The NBC friends Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. It’s on HBO Max on May 27, and you have to know here.

When and how a fan can watch their favorites:

The Reunion is scheduled to air on HBO Max on May 27. On Wednesday, a new trailer came after a short teaser showing the back of the actors walking on the Burbank scene where the show and the meeting were shot. The cast shares a lot of laughter, recollections, and tears. You will either have to register for a paid membership (currently $15 a month) or upgrade your existing HBO subscription to include Max.

You may already have and do not know HBO Max. You may receive HBO Max without paying anything extra if you are currently logging into HBO via your cable or satellite provider. We explain it here, but in essence, you need to watch the HBO Max app and your home internet access on a smart TV or streaming device – or on a Comcast Xfinity box. Roku finally gave HBO Max access to its streaming devices and TVs following months of delay. More details can be found here.

Our information about the reunion:

Most of the show plans are still secret but don’t expect a scripted reunion. This is a special place in which the actors seem to share their memories and memories. The actor David Schwimmer told the Graham Norton Show in April “There’s nothing written, we’re not in person.”We’re all of us true people.” Then… something he suggested. “I don’t want to give up… But there’s a section… there’s something we all read.”

What that means isn’t quite sure. Do they read a character, perhaps a quick scene summarising where the characters are today? We’re going to watch. The concert was shot at the same stage as Warner Bros. in Burbank, where Friends have been filming before a live audience since his second season.

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Where did we all leave them?

The show started in 1994 and took place on NBC for ten seasons. The six most important characters live in New York and hang out in a Central Perk coffee shop. The player Rachel Green is in and out of love with Monica Geller, played by Jennifer Aniston. Chandler Bing and Monica fall and get married to twins. In the spinoff show Joey, Matt LeBlanc played Joey Tribbiani, the group’s adult child. After the final season in 2007, the series was canceled. Masseuse Phoebe Buffay is depicted as dizzy and curious, played by Lisa Kudrow. Ben Winston, director of the Friends meeting, alerted the Korean BTS hit group to a short appearance. “I want to manage your expectations,” he tweeted. This is a very short BTS time”.

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