Dark World (2010)


Dark World is a 2010 Russian fantasy/horror movie helmed by Anton Megerdichev. It was the pioneer of Russian 3D format films.

Dark World-Horror movie

Full Cast & Crew: Dark World (2010) :

  • Svetlana Ivanova as Marin
  • Ivan Zhidkor as Kostya
  • Elena Panova as Khelvi
  • Sergey Ugryumov as Aleksandr
  • Ilya Alekseev as Artur
  • Evgeniy Atarik as Assistant Aleksandr
  • Olga Filimonova as Vedma (as Olga Smirnova)
  • Olga Grishova as Queen of the Witches
  • Zakhar Khungureev aa Georgiy Klyuev
  • Mariya Kozhevnikova as Vika
  • Tatyana Kuznetsova as Old woman
  • Vladimir Malyugin
  • Vladimir Nosik as Sergey Rudolfovich
  • Alina Orlova as Ksana Radchenko
  • Valya aa Sergei Ryabtsev
  • Dmitry Tarasenko as (as Dmitriy Tarasenko)
  • Aleksandra Walker as Ira Antikainen
  • Natalya Voloshina aa Aynike
  • Denis Yushechkin as Dzhordan

Writing credits :

  • Aleksandr Dorbinyan
  • Aleksey Sidorov

Produced by :

  • Sergey Danielyan
  • Ruben Dishdishyan
  • Olga Kostromitina
  • Yuriy Moroz
  • Aram Movsesyan
  • Aleksey Sidorov

Music by :

  • Alex HarDrum
  • Cinematography by
  • Anton Antonov
  • Sound Department
  • Dmitri Chernov
  • Natalya Dmitrieva
  • Aleksey Sidorov

Genres :

It is one of the best horror movies and adventure dramas filled with science and fiction. 

Release Date :

This movie was released on 7 October 2010. 

Language :

  • Russian

Country of Origin and filming location :

  • Russia
  • Sortavala, Karelia, Russia

Plot Summary of The Dark world :

In Russia, the spiritualist student of semantic Marina Leonova is in love with her beau Artur. Notwithstanding, he passes her over and dates their classmate Vika. At this point, when their class goes to the field with their Professor Sergey Rudolfovich to explore spiritualist spots, they meet a strange old woman in the timberland, and she welcomes them to have supper with her. The untouchable Marina remains by the lake, and Artur looks for her to have sex. Anyway, they are amazed by their companions and the embarrassed Marina rushes to the backwoods. Kostya, who really likes Marina, follows her, and they become mixed up in the forested areas. Marina and Kostya arrive at a surrendered house and Marina chooses to investigate the spot.

She finds the preserved cadaver of a witch holding a shield, and she is controlled by power and blacks out. Sergey and his students discover her, and he calls a salvage group to support Marina. Nonetheless, a fierce first-class crew in a helicopter shows up rather and sooner the understudies find that the Minister of Mining Aleksandr is the child of the incredible alchemist Yl to Vallo that was killed hundreds of years prior by the Queen of the Witches. Aleksandr needs to recover the powers of his dad and wants the magic spell that will release his power from the shield. In any case, Marina is likewise a witch, and she will effectively prevent Aleksandr from getting the power.

Review :

As you know, everything regarding “The Dark World” I will coordinate my conclusion on “Marina” our main heroine, who is basically an outcast, however, bound to battle the evil powers. Truly, the film resembles quite a bit of horror movies that we have seen previously, in any event, “Squatting Tiger Hidden Dragon”, however, this is a horror film that pleased youthful and more seasoned crowds, since Marina is interesting, powerless, and strong simultaneously, conflicting with the stooping mentality of every other person including her instructor who considers her to be a young lady with a head loaded with chaos, yet that is the thing that made her so engaging.

Marina is strange in view of her convictions; and at the same time, she gets discouraged, therefore, in the light of the fact that where it counts she might want to be the typical young lady, beautiful as others, cool and attractive. What I am attempting to portray is a character that is multidimensional on screen, in spite of the levelness of “Bella” Swan, AKA Kristen Stewart in those movies and books I didn’t care for.

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This Russian film works on a legitimate level, where we have the witches and the “warlock” without so much diverting bizarre romantic tale. Still, we locate the sentimental component and the smash that at one purpose or another so a considerable lot of us have involvement with life. The visuals and acting are truly adequate, and despite the fact that over the most recent twenty minutes the film shows a portion of its defects it caused me to feel that I didn’t squander two hours and twenty minutes of my life.

The main whine I have is that DARK WORLD: EQUILIBRIUM (2013) will acquaint us with a totally different arrangement of characters. So my inquiries are: Alexander will have returned to get his butt kicked again by the witches? There will be more witches? One method of another I enjoyed “The Dark World” since it doesn’t convey the standard publicity or plan, is only the ordinary battle among the great and shrewd, just let yourself drench into this film and have some good times!. In short, this is one of the best movies on the internet.

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