CBS Declared Cast Of Big Brothers; Season 22


Big brothers is the famous TV series of America, the United States. This reality show is produced by the very talented producer named Julie Chen Moonves. These tv series have been on air on the American channel, CBS network. And now CBS announced the cast of Tv series named Big Brothers season 22. 

Main idea/theme 

The main theme of this TV series almost remains the same in this season too. The main idea of this TV series, Big Brothers, is based on gathering up all the strangers at one place, with the elimination of 1 person each week until one person remains in that place and that person will get the price of $500,000 that is such a grand amount to win. 

Announcement of the cast

CBS announced the cast of reality show, Big Brothers season 22. CBS includes the famous personalities, winners of another season, and other notable personalities in the cast of the Reality show to make it worth watching all around the world. This reality show has been appreciating and seeing since the start of that show, Big Brothers. 

Big brothers Cast

The Big Brothers cast has some famous personalities including the award winners for the best appearance in Big Brothers, American tv series. Cast includes Nicole Franzel, Ian Terry, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Kaysar Ridha. Some others include Janelle Pierzina and Dani Briones.

Some other additional guests were also announced by CBS including Bayleigh Dayton, Enzo Palumbo, Cody Calafior, Kevin Campbell, and Christmas Abbot. Additional to all these famous personalities, David Alexander, Keesha Smith, Memphis Garrett, Nicole Anthony, and Tyler Crispen. 

A host of the show, Big Brothers

Julie Chan Moonves is back again to host the amazing Tv series of America, Big Brothers. She has been hosting this Famous reality show since 2000. She is a famous and talented news anchor, producer, and host of American shows. She is famous for working as a host on CBS tv series in any country’s version of the show. 

Star-studded Seasons

Season 22 of the reality show named Big brothers is the second star-studded season, competing with each other to win that grand prize of $500,000. Before this, there was a season 6 which was also a star-studded season, playing for that huge grand prize in 2006. 

Releasing of Big Brothers

Big brothers season 22 was firstly going to release in June 2020. But due to this pandemic situation because of coronavirus, this release was useless. Therefore they decided to not release that interesting show during this situation. And now CBS is all ready to release its amazing reality show having all the stars and famous personalities in it under the protocols to remain safe from this viral situation. 

Protocols during the Pandemic 

Before entering the house last night, Wednesday of the reality show, as all the stars came from the isolation period, they received their COVID 19 tests. And they are advised to get their test done every weekend and they are not allowed to meet any outside people and also are not allowed to go to crowded places to remain safe from any kind of infection and other diseases. 

Other protocols for Cast of Big Brothers

Several other additional protocols including the weekly test of COVID 19, screenings, PPE requirements, and work pods. A doctor is also hired to examine all the cast at any time to remain aware of any situation. 

Timing to watch

Season 22 of the Big Brother reality show premieres on Wednesday at 9 pm on CBS. Following the duration, it will be seen on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8 pm to 9 pm. 

Producers of The Big Brother, Reality Show

This reality show is produced by the famous producer of Fly on the Wall Entertainment and Endemol Shine North America with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan as exec producers.

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