Today we are going to talk about Rundll32. Is it an error or is it a virus? Well, technically speaking Rundll32 is neither a virus nor an error. It is a legitimate Windows file and this file is responsible for executing or loading the dll (dynamic link library module) 


Is Rundll32 a virus or do people use its name?

There are lot of smart people which exist in the digital world. When the programmers, most of the time write the programs of Malware or spywares then they deliberately name the malware files in the name of this legitimate window file. 

They name the Malware in the name of Windows file so that they can give an entry to the virus in a system. The windows will not accept any malware straight away into a system so to get an access the programmers name the virus fire rundll32 and this is when this file becomes a virus.

How to detect the malware disguising as rundll32?

Well there is this thing with this error. Once it is in your system disguising as rundll32 then it can cause a lot of problem for your system. It can affect your system’s functionality and it simply will not allow your system to work well.

It is very easy to detect this error and for that you can check your task bar. if not the Taskbar then there is a utility which is known as process explorer utility by Microsoft. Using the utility you can click on the file, go to the properties and then see if this file is a Windows file or if it is a spyware disguising itself as a Windows file. These are the ways through which you can detect a virus with the name rundll32.

How to disable Rundll32?

It is never a good idea to let a virus stay in your system. It is best if you disable rundll32 when it is causing you trouble. 

It only cause a trouble when a malware takes the name of the window file named rundll32. 

Rundll32 is an actual window file but when programmers name the malwares with this window file then it can cause disruption in the functionality of your system. In such a scenario it is best if you disable it.

There are many ways through which you can disable this malware from your system but the best way is to download an Anti-Virus.

When an anti-virus is installed on your system then it becomes difficult for a virus to get an access into your system. If a Malware with a name rundll32 manages to get into your system then you can remove it with the help of an antivirus.

Run a Full scan in the safe mode in and then Boost Your computer.

After the boost, operate your Windows normally. If the windows function well after the scan this means that the malware is removed from your system

Remove it with the help of a task manger

There is one simple way to remove rundll32 from your system and that is open your task manager and stop rundll32.exe process.



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