When Instagram was launched in October 2010 no one thought that one day it would become so famous. It has climbed the success ladder pretty quickly.


No one would have the audacity to deny now that Instagram is the king of all social media sites. It’s not just a photo and video sharing platform anymore. Now you can promote your business through it and can earn a hell amount of money if you are smart.

To promote your business you need an audience aka Instagram followers. Getting real and organic followers is a big deal, and you have to be smart enough to get them to promote your brand. How can we do that? What’s the way to get the organic followers for Instagram? We will tell you all about it.

Many ways to get the real followers for Instagram.
1) To attract an audience you need to create merchandise of your brand. If you have opened a clothing store, and you want to market it On Instagram make merchandises of your brand. Make sure you use your hashtag on your merchandises. After you make them post about them on Instagram to attract followers and potential customers .
2) Instagram is all about hashtags. If you know which hashtag to use at what place it won’t be long for you have a plethora of followers.
3) When you are posting about your brand make sure along with using hashtags which are related to your brand use trending hashtags as well. They will get you more followers.
4) The URL in your bio is your brand statement. Make sure to change it twice a week to make draw potential customers at your web page.
5) It’s not just enough to post a picture, describe what you have posted. The posts with description get more likes and followers.
6) Be the favorite person of your favorite influencer. There are marketing giants on Instagram and it’s ideal if you get in touch them. You can do that by commenting on their posts. This is the easiest way to get noticed and get more followers.
7) Make sure you are not allowing unnecessary tagged pictures on your profile. Only allow the tagged pictures which are relevant to your brand.
8) The other trick to get the Instagram followers is to being engaged with your audience. Post polls, arrange a giveaway, ask questions, return comments, and be compassionate. If you can engage the audience, you can attract the followers.
9) Don’t try to fit in. It’s a bad habit to steal someone’s idea. Be creative, promote your brand in your own style. Make engaging memes or quotes. Use visually aesthetic picture to describe your brand. People like the novelty make sure you provide them that.
10) Last but not the least. Before you promote your brand internationally, promote it locally. Let people in your area know first that you have a brand.

Using these simple and easy tricks you too can be a marketing giant on Instagram.


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