A Digital Multimeter is an amazing tool which is used widely by electricians, technicians and even by layman people at home.


What is a Digital Multimeter?
A Digital multimeter is a handy device which measures voltage, current and resistance. With the help of a multimeter one can measure DC and AC voltage in an easy way.

This device has so many benefits and this is why one should always have it around to use it for vehicles, homes or for any technical work.
Using a multimeter is a common thing now but what is the use of digital Multimeter?
The use of Digital Multimeter?
A multimeter can be used on different things for example, it can be used on a car or on HVAC system at home.

A multimeter is a 3 in 1 deal which includes a voltmeter, ammeter and an ohmmeter and these measure voltage, current and resistance.
In this article we will compare top five digital multimeters. We will review them and at the end we will leave the choice to you to select your budget friendly and best multimeter of 2019.
Go through these multimeters and find your ideal digital multimeter in the list.

1 ) Innova 3320 Autoranging Digital Multimeter

This one is indeed the high quality digital multimeter. It can be a great addition for your garage and for your car.
The best thing about this digital multimeter is that, it is extremely affordable. Along with being affordable this one is pretty decent. This means that the productivity of this digital multimeter is top class and that is why it is a top digital multimeter brand in the market.
For all those who are looking for the best digital multimeters for money should go for this one. It has a clear display, accurate readings and study built.
As far as the price of this multimeter is concerned, well this digital multimeter cost does not exceed from $20.
No matter how naughty your kids are, even if they drop It to the floor they won’t be able to break it. Innova digital multimeter has double batteries and it is long lasting.

2) Tracklife Advanced Digital Multimeter

As we compare digital multimeter we get to know that this one is actually a good digital multimeter and it can be added easily into the best digital multimeters category.
As far as the accuracy of digital multimeters is concerned then tracklife tops the list. It ensures safer testing.
This Digital multimeter has a Flashlight feature which makes is easy for users to even work in the dark. This Perfect Digital multimeter also has a temperature measure which increase safety manifold.
Tracklife can measure the DC voltage up to 1000 volts and AC voltage up to 750V. With the help of this multimeter it is easy to get the job done.

3) Klein Multimeter MM500 Auto Ranging Multimeter

This one is definitely the best digital multimeter for sale. It can also be called as the ideal digital multimeter which is budget friendly as well.
For all those who are looking for best digital multimeter for the money should go for Klein MM500 multimeter.
It has amazing high ratings and one can buy it easily at affordable prices. This one is the best multimeter for basic tasks. This multimeter works best with electric Rangers, Breakers, refrigerators, switches and outlets and it can also be used for a vehicles.
It comes in the list of best digital multimeters. It is true that it is not that cheap but it is reliable, so reliable that it is going to stay with you for 2 to 3 years easily without breaking. Klein for sure is the digital multimeter best brand and there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this multimeter for your garage and Technical work.
It has auto ranging and it has the potential to act as a dust and waterproof multimeter. The best thing about this multimeter is the reliability. It can survive the 10 foot drop.
This multimeter can measure the voltage up to 600V and it is definitely one of the best multimeter in the market.

4 ) Fluke 117 HVAC.
Fluke is the Black Sheep. There are chances that you don’t see this multimeter much in the market but to be honest it is one of the best digital multimeter which you can find in the market.
Fluke is that brand which i famous for manufacturing the best measurement and Diagnostic tools and their fluke 117 HVSC multimeter is no exception.
The working principle of this digital multimeter is the best. It is amazing for ventilation and air conditioning.
This multimeter has a built in thermometer and micro amp which promote great productivity. Fluke 117 measures the DC and AC in the best way possible and to keep the cost down the brand even removed the high amperage selection.
For all those who are looking for the best multimeter in the market should go for it.

5 ) Mastech MS8268 Series Digital Multimeter
This one is definitely in the list of top 5 multimeters. It is one of the best multimeter for the money. The best part about this multimeter is that Mastech is that brand which has a name and almost all the products of this brand promotes quality.

This multimeter is best for the money and it is a multi tester as well. The best part about this digital multimeter is that it comes with 1 year warranty.
It has amazing features like auto powers off, blue LED, LCD display, Auto ranging and it can measure AC and DC voltage UP 1000.

You can buy this digital multimeter in just $25 and this is why the say that it is the best multimeter for the money in the market.

We talked about the best multimeters in the market and we even compared the multimeters. Now it is up to you to make a choice, all these multimeters are great assets for cars and homes.


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