Wise Auto Shutdown empowers you to put the PC to close down, restart, control off, log off, rest or sleep all the time or just once, at a particular time. It makes your capacity the board a lot simpler and increasingly helpful. With Wise Auto Shutdown, you can plan the errand to be executed day by day, at a specific time, on a specific date and time or after a measure of time you set physically goes from the minute when the undertaking is set dynamic. You can empower updates so you will be advised 5 minutes before it executes the errand. In the event that you have an incomplete business by, at that point, you can defer the errand by 10 minutes or as long as 4 hours.


The interface of Wise Auto Shutdown can’t be any less difficult. There are no menus, no convoluted alternatives or discourse boxes. It is plainly isolated into two boards. You can undoubtedly choose which undertaking you need to perform on the left and indicate a time when you need that errand to be executed on the right, at that point begin the assignment. You can get its hang in a moment or two.

At the point when an assignment begins, Wise Auto Shutdown will limit the framework plate and run quietly out of sight. on the off chance that you right-click on its symbol, the menu that shows up will enable you to quickly reboot or close down the PC, with a solitary mouse click.

Wise Auto Shutdown is totally free. It requires a truly low amount of CPU and framework memory. It has been created and completely tried to work extraordinary on Windows 10 and different Windows working systems(both 64 and 32-bit), from Windows XP and up. Regardless of what you possess – a work area or a PC.

Features of Wise Auto Shutdown:

  • Gratis
  • The backing of shutdown, logoff, rest, restart and control off
  • The backing of a scheduler, for example, every day, indicated time, from now
  • Given a convenient update
  • Quiet running mode
  • Bolster various dialects
  • Simple to utilize

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.75.94

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.75.94 changelog:

  • Fixed a few issues from the clients’ input.
  • Refreshed different interpretations.
  • GUI and ease of use upgrades.

DownloadWise Auto Shutdown 1.75.94 | 1.8 MB (Freeware)
DownloadPortable Wise Auto Shutdown 1.75.94 | 1.5 MB
LinksWise Auto Shutdown Home Page

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