Hostbreak started it’s web hosting operations in 2001. It has provided successful web hosting services to million of people since its inception.


Hostbreak provides authentic, reliable and economical web hosting services to the clients. It knows how to bring value and potential customers to the site. It provides web hosting on all CMS be it WordPress, jamola and Drupal.

Over the course of years it has provided web hosting facilities to many big companies like GASCO, USAID. In case you need WordPress hosting, e-panel hosting, jamola hosting, magneto hosting Hostbreak can help.

Hostbreak offers the best packages for web hosting. Its minimum package starts from just 162PKR for personal domain. One can get the standard package in just 300PKR. Hostbreak is economical and budget friendly and it offers highly functioning packages on cheap rates unlike hosterpk.

Hostbreak offers one free month with all its web hosting packages and it is this point which makes it much more effective than hosterpk.
There are many other things which makes Hostbreak much more effective and friendly than hosterpk.

While hosterpk offers 1500 MB for its standard package Hostbreak offers 5GB for its personal package. Hosterpk offers 25GB bandwidth for its standard package while Hostbreak offers 300GB.

Seeing all this it is safe to say that Hostbreak is a better option if you want the best experience in web hosting.

All the packages of Hostbreak are economical and effective. It provide great services with immense options at cheap costs. We can safely say that Hostbreak provides the cheapest but best web hosting services in Pakistan. So far it has hosted 6394 sites. It has sold 8395 domains and it is soaring high with every passing day.

If you want to have the best domain in cheap rates Hostbreak is your choice.


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