We all will agree that we like watching TV Seasons. These days the only source through which we can get the seasons on our desktop or our devices is through torrents. There is this thing about the torrent sites. Most of the times a person is not able to access the Torrent site because they are proxy protected.


Sometimes it happens that a certain site cannot be accessed in a certain country. For instance if I am a Game of Throne fans, I would want the season 1 of this amazing show. To download it I will head to torrents but what if on heading to the site I get to know that I cannot access the site because it is proxy protected.

In such a scenario a person is likely to feel dishearten. There is no other way through which a normal person can access a full-fledged season on a device or on the desktop.
CM VPN exist for this purpose. This brilliant application can bypass the proxy and it allows you access to the blocked or proxy protected sites. Yes you heard it right.

With the help of CM VPN you can access all the torrent sites and not just that, this VPN can make your internet presence secure and protected as well.
Nowadays hackers are everywhere and they can get into your system in no time. With the help of CM VPN no one knows what you are searching on internet and this way no one can access you or hack you in any way.

CM VPN is a prerequisite software and it should be on your device.

Android users are lucky in this regard because simply by going to the Play Store they can download CM VPN for their devices and they can watch the torrents of their choice. Sadly the desktop or Window users are not this lucky. There is nothing on Google which would give you a direct link to download CM VPN for your desktop or for your PC. So what of all those people who really want this application on their systems?
Is there no way out? No you are not supposed to lose your heart because we are going to tell you a way. This way goes through an android emulator.

Android Emulator is a software and this amazing software allows you to access the Android applications for your system. Exactly, when you have Android emulator on your system then with the help of this emulator you can access the Play Store of Android and from there you can download the application of your choice.

If you want to download your desired Torrents on your PC that it’s time that you install an Android emulator. We will say install Bluestacks. Once this emulator is on your system then you can access the Play store through it. Access the play store, search for CM VPN and start using it.

Now you can download as many seasons of your choice as you want.

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