Tixati is a free and simple to utilize BitTorrent customer highlighting itemized perspectives on all seed, friend, and document move properties. Additionally included are amazing data transfer capacity graphing and throttling abilities, and a full DHT execution. Tixati is one of the most developed and adaptable BitTorrent customers accessible. Furthermore, in contrast to numerous different customers, Tixati contains NO SPYWARE, NO ADS, and NO GIMMICKS.


Tixati versatile rendition is intended to keep running on a USB glimmer drive or other conventional media. It stores all its design records in a similar envelope as the executable twofold documents, and all record ways are put away in an organization in respect to the program executable organizer.

It is significant you don’t erase the “tixati_portable_mode.txt” record inside the executables organizer. This document is the thing that triggers Tixati to keep running inconvenient mode. (The executable parallels are really equivalent to the standard release pairs.)

When running the compact version from a USB glimmer drive, particularly one that is designed in FAT16/FAT32, you may encounter some slack when at first stacking another exchange. This is on the grounds that instating and assigning enormous records on glimmer based media devours a more noteworthy measure of time and assets contrasted with a regular hard-drive.

Tixati 2.62

Tixati has the accompanying highlights:

  • Point by point perspectives on all parts of the swarm, including peers, pieces, records, and trackers
  • Support for magnet joins, so no compelling reason to download .downpour documents if a basic magnet-connect is accessible
  • Super-effective companion stifling/unchoking calculations guarantee the quickest downloads
  • Peer association encryption for included security
  • The full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) execution for tracker less deluges, including nitty gritty message traffic diagrams and adaptable occasion logging
  • Propelled data transmission outlining of in general rush hour gridlock and per-move traffic, with independent order of convention and document bytes, and with the isolated characterization of outbound traffic for exchanging and seeding
  • Profoundly adaptable data transmission throttling, including exchanging/seeding extent modification and flexible need for individual exchanges and friends
  • Bitfield diagrams that demonstrate the culmination of all downloaded records, what pieces different friends have accessible, and the wellbeing of the general swarm
  • Adjustable occasion logging for each download, and individual occasion logs for all companions inside the swarm
  • Master neighborhood document the executives’ capacities which enable you to move records to an alternate segment even while downloading is still in advancement
  • 100% perfect with the BitTorrent convention
  • Windows and Linux-GTK local renditions accessible

Tixati 2.62 changelog:

  • Totally overhauled webseed support
  • Magnet connects now completely bolster HTTP/HTTPS webseeds through the ws= and as= characteristics
  • Webseed TLS associations currently forward legitimate hostnames through Server Name Indication
  • Fixed issues with webseed HTTP demand way assemblage in multi-document downloads, presently consistently stores unique names
  • Better reaction flood assurance for webseeds to stay away from squandered data transmission
  • Magnet connections support meta-data HTTP/HTTPS download by means of the xs= trait
  • Successive piece choice for webseed associations takes into consideration progressively effective pipelining and higher paces
  • Better association timing calculation for webseeds, support for solicitation pipelining on keep-alive associations
  • Format for replicating magnet interfaces in Settings > Transfers > Magnet-Links presently additionally bolsters [webmeta] tag
  • Bolster magnet joins from online video stages like PeerTube and BitChute
  • Fixed a few issues with HTTP divert taking care of and circle discovery in trackers/webseeds/RSS
  • Raised offbeat piece-sparing line greatest length to keep away from stoppages in downloads with exceptionally little piece size
  • Completely updated companion association and stifle/unchoke timing calculations
  • A lot quicker companion association upon beginning download startup
  • Fixed issues with impermanent companion lockout when restarting moves
  • Better blunder taking care of when making indexes for new multi-document downloads
  • A few minor convention level fixes in the HTTP server that powers the WebUI framework
  • The fixed accident during move activities on multi-record moves containing zero-length documents
  • Better cleanup in TLS connector averts uncommon accident when utilizing HTTPS trackers/webseeds/RSS
  • Named-have SSL SOCKS or HTTPS intermediary associations presently accurately forward hostname by means of Server Name Indication
  • Improved memory distribution blunder dealing with would now be able to all the more likely identify wrong portions versus valid out-of-memory conditions
  • Other minor upgrades in the GUI

Every one of the motion pictures showed in the screen capture above are from PublicDomainTorrents.info: Free and Legal Torrent Downloads.

Download: Tixati 2.62 (32-bit) | 14.0 MB (Freeware)
Download: Tixati 2.62 (64-bit) | 14.0 MB
Download: Portable Tixati 2.62 | 54.8 MB
Download: Tixati 2.62 for Linux
View: Tixati Website

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