Krita Desktop is a free open-source painting application. Krita is the full-included free advanced painting studio for specialists who need to make proficient work from beginning to end. Krita is utilized by comic book specialists, artists, idea craftsmen, matte and surface painters and in the computerized VFX industry. Krita has been being developed for more than 10 years and has had a blast in development as of late. It offers numerous normal and inventive highlights to support the novice and expert alike.


Krita has an easy to understand interface. The dockers and boards can be moved and altered for your particular work process. When you have your arrangement, you can spare it as your very own workspace. You can likewise make your own alternate routes for regularly utilized instruments.

Krita 4.2.3

Notwithstanding painting, Krita accompanies vector, channel, gathering, and record layers. Consolidate, request, and level layers to enable your craftsmanship to remain composed. There are additionally three distinct perspectives on the best way to see the layers.

Krita supports full shading administration through LCMS for ICC and OpenColor IO for EXR, enabling you to fuse Krita into your current shading the board pipeline. Open PSD records that even Photoshop can’t open. Burden and spare to PSD when you have to take your work of art crosswise over various projects.

Krita is the main devoted painting application that allows you to open, spare, alter and creator HDR and scene-deferred pictures. Besides, with OCIO and OpenEXR support, you can control the view to inspect HDR pictures, and use it in the most bleeding-edge work processes from the film and enhanced visualizations enterprises.

Krita 4.2.3 fixed bugs:

  • Make it feasible for Krita to utilize a product renderer on Windows (BUG:408872)
  • Fix the subtitle of the Background Color shading determination exchange (BUG:407658)
  • Fix the label selector Combobox so it is conceivable to choose assets that have a label that is longer than fits in the Combobox (BUG:408053)
  • Make it workable for the Krita startup window to move toward becoming as thin as before including the news gadget (BUG:408504)
  • Fix duplicate/gluing of liveliness outlines (BUG:408421, BUG:404595)
  • Make the polygon and framework choice device handle the control modifier effectively (BUG:376007)
  • Add a reload content catch to the Python scripter module
  • Fix an accident in the Overview docker when there is no picture open
  • Fix simplified of fill layers between opened records (BUG:408019)
  • Fix stacking EXR records that have more than one layer with a similar name (BUG:409552)
  • Conceal evaporating focuses see lines when partners are shrouded (BUG:396158)
  • Fix the Mirror All Layers Horizontally work
  • Fix changing profile to default when changing divert profundity in the New Image exchange (BUG:406700)
  • Handicap AVG enhancements for exactly 32-bit mixing modes (BUG:404133)
  • Fix an accident when squeezing drop when attempting to make an 8 bit/channel straight gamma RGB picture
  • Fix hues floating when utilizing the local macOS shading choice discourse (BUG:407880)
  • Ensure Stroke Selection paint accurately with the choice outskirt amidst the determination (BUG:409254)
  • Fix sparing Krita when a point of view aides are available (BUG:409249)
  • Fix issues with changes being pixelated (BUG:409280)
  • Make it conceivable to shroud all layers aside from the chosen one with move click (BUG:376086)
  • Fix cloning keyframe channels that are not mistiness channels
  • Fix a hang when attempting to paint while playing an activity of a vacant picture (BUG:408749)
  • Fix Isolated Mode when numerous windows are open (BUG:408150)
  • Make the slope editorial manager demonstrate the correct supervisor for stop and sectioned inclinations (however making new angles in Krita is as yet broken)
  • Make Krita utilize the coordinated GPU on double GPU Apple PCs
  • Fix a stop when squeezing erase when making a polygonal choice (BUG:408843)
  • Fix the – send out command line choice to return 0 when the fare is effective (BUG:409133)
  • Fix support for the KDE Plasma worldwide menu (BUG:408015)
  • Fix an accident when utilizing the therapist choice of the distort brush (BUG:408887)

Download: Krita 4.2.3 (32-bit) | Portable | ~100.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Krita 4.2.3 (64-bit) | Portable
Download: Krita Windows App Store (commercial software)
View: Krita Home Page | Krita Screenshot | Release Notes

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