Tumblr has a huge fan following. It is a microblogging site and it is that platform of social media which is cherished and loved in the social circles. On Tumblr, one can post the images with different effects of their choice. Not just the images here one can also make quotes and post comments. Tumblr has over 465 million users according to the statistical report of 2019.


Nowadays Tumblr is battling with an issue. Most of the users complain that they are unable to see the images on this microblogging website. Most people have the issue that the Tumblr images are not loading, no matter how hard they try.

PC users are having it hard

People who have mobile devices are comparatively in less trouble than people who are PC users. Tumblr images can sometimes load on mobile devices but as far as PC is concerned people are having complaints that they are unable to see the images on this website via PC or browsers.


Computer users are having it hard because no matter how hard they try or which browser they use they are simply unable to load the Tumblr images.

What is causing all this inconvenience?

Every problem has a reason and there can be a number of reasons why the Tumblr images are not loading on computers or browsers.

  • Maybe computer users are having it hard because the Tumblr servers are overloaded. It is discovered that the images issue is there because the servers of Tumblr are overloaded. As we have already discussed this microblogging website has a huge fan following and when there are millions of users online at the same time then the servers do go down.
  • Nowadays most of the browsers come laced with U-block AddON. It is that AddON which is available for a variety of browsers. The basic function of this AddON is to filter the content and to block the ads. What it does that along with blocking the inappropriate ads, it sometimes blocks the website as well. The one reason for Tumblr image not loading on a computer or browser is the possibility of having this extension installed.

But you don’t need to worry because we are going to tell you a solution. By applying this solution you will be able to see the images on the Tumblr website.

Reinstall the internet router

The first solution in this regard is the reinstalling of the internet router. sometimes the internet router gets into some configuration troubles and if this is the case then this can result in images not being loaded. Maybe you just need to reinstall the internet router to make sure that things are fine again.

Here is how you can do that

  • First, unplug the router from the wall and after that hold the power button for at least 30 seconds. After holding the power button for 30 seconds plug the router back in and wait for internet access. After that, you can check if the issue is still there or if it is resolved.

Install a VPN

A VPN can act as your mentor if your Tumblr images are having issues. Because of the U block add on an extension if Tumblr is blocked then you can access the website again with the help of the VPN. You can install the VPN and of your choice and after customizing the settings you can be certain that images will load.

Every solution has a problem and we just told you the finest solutions. By applying these solutions you can make sure that the Tumblr images will load on your computer or Browser. Just be calm, apply these solutions and you are good to go.


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