Security is everything in today’s era. Now it is very important to get a track of all the activities in your house or office. Super live pro is an amazing application for android devices.


This fantabulous applications let you monitor the happenings in your house or in your office.

Through this applications you can see what your children, your dogs and your wife is up to. This application is like a spyware and it guarantees success.

The best thing about this application is it is compatible with almost all the cctv cameras which is available in the market. To use this application you don’t have to buy a specific version of a cctv camera because this application works the same for all the camera.

This application is compatible with all the android devices. If you are an oppo user, a hawaie user or a Samsung user than it is very easy for you to download this application from the play store. Super live pro is also compatible with many IOS devices. This means that you can download this application from the app store of iPhone as well.

But what if I want to use this application on my PC?
On the other hand it you want to use this amazing application on your PC or on your desktop then you may get into difficulty. Super live pro is compatible with all the android devices and it is compatible with most IOS devices as well.

As far super live pro on PC and Super Live pro on Windows 10 is concerned this application is not compatible with them. There is a nothing on google which can let you download this application for your pc or for your desktop.

Is there no way out?
Well you’re not allowed to think this way because there is certainly a way out. That way out goes through android emulator. There are plenty of android emulators available in the market. Android emulators make sure that you can enjoy the android applications on your pc or on your desktop as well.

By downloading an android emulators you will be able to download super live bro on your desktop or on your windows.

To download super life pro on your windows you need to download an android emulator. We would suggest that you download dolphin. This is an amazing android emulator and with its help you will be able to download all the android applications on your system.

To download this amazing emulator you need to go to google. After finding the link, install it on your desktop. Ones this Emulator is on your desktop than you can access the play store.

Access the play store , search for super live pro and download this application for your pc. This way you can easily have this amazing application on your pc and after downloading it you can track the activities of your house easily.
Super Live pro is a must have. Make sure you don’t miss it.


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