Nowadays everything is expensive including the SMS packages on mobile networks. It doesn’t matter which mobile network you use, using all the mobile networks for the SMS packages comes with expensive rates and there is nothing that you can do about it.
Today we are going to tell you about an application. By installing this application on your device you will be able to enjoy free messaging. Exactly, you hear it right. This application is called Kik and it is one of the best messaging application which is available on the Android and IOS app store.
Kik app is available on different platforms, you can install it from Android, from Mac and with the help of this application you can send messages, documents, emoji’s, videos and much more.


What are the benefits of having Kik messenger on your PC?

Kik messenger is the best Messenger for chatting and we will tell you why.

Free chatting

One of the best feature of this messenger is that you can enjoy all the features of this application free of cost. Most of the times you have to pay to use the features of different messenger application but not with Kik Messenger. With the help of this messenger you can chat, anywhere in the world, entirely free of cost.

Easy to operate

It is imperative for a messenger to be easy and accommodating and Kik offers both of these things to the users. It is very simple to use and it is very easy to operate. You can customise this amazing application according to your choice anytime.

Be private

Other thing which is amazing about this fantabulous application is that you can enjoy your privacy while using this application. Yes, it is entirely possible, you can remain anonymous and still you can message to your friends and family. This application will not compromise your privacy and you can remain anonymous even when you are chatting all the time.

User friendly

There is no other messenger which is as user-friendly as Kik. Most of the times when someone send links of a video on different messenger platforms then we have to leave the chat to open that link. No such thing is necessary when you are using Kik. If someone send you a link then you can open that link right away without going anywhere else or without opening another tab.


Other messengers are boring in a way that they won’t let you continue from the last spot. For instance, if you are chatting with a friend on WhatsApp and suddenly you have to go somewhere then you cannot access the chat from where you have stopped, instead you will have to go right up to the start.
This thing will not bother you if you are using the Kik messenger because with the help of this application, you can access the chat from where you have left. This application offers continuity to the users and that is why this is the best.

Amazing Customized Features

Kik messenger offer unique customisazion features. In WhatsApp you can change the background for all the chats but Kik is one way ahead. By using the Kik messenger you can change the background for every friend and for every chat. Along with this, you can select different notifications for different chats. It is one of the best messenger which exist in the digital arena. There is no reason why it should not be on your system.

Have Kik on your system for an amazing experience

Kik is a brilliant application and it was launched by a Canadian company. Since its inception in the market it has gathered amazing reviews. By installing Kik on your Android and IOS device it becomes easy for you to message your friends and families without any cost. Exactly, you hear it right.
If you, your friends or family have Kik on your devices then through this application you can enjoy free messaging services. Android and IOS users are lucky in this regard because they can easily install this application on their devices from Play store or App store respectively but what of all those people who want to install Kik on their PC?

Can one find a link on Google to directly download this application? The answer is No. There is no direct link through which this application can be installed on a desktop or on PC but do not worry. If you are one such person who want to use this amazing messaging application on your Windows or PC then we have a way and this way is an Android Emulator.

But what is an Android Emulator?

What is an Android emulator? Android Emulator is an application and with the help of this application you can enjoy the Android applications on your system. Now we will tell you what you need to do to download Kik on your PC or desktop.
Go to Google and find the Android Emulator of your choice on it. we would suggest that you install BlueStacks because it is the best emulator. Once this emulator is on your system then you can access Play store through it. Yes, we are talking about the Android Play Store.

After the installation of this emulator you will be able to access Play Store through it. After the download and installation access the Play Store and search for Kik. it is as simple as that. After installing kik on your system, now you can message freely with your friends and family.

Every problem has a solution and we just told you how you can download your favourite messaging application Kik on your system or on your desktop through an easy way which is Android Emulator.

Now you don’t need to worry and you don’t even need to find the links of Kik for PC on Google. Install the Android Emulator and you are good to go. Best of luck 


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