There is no music platform as amazing as Spotify. It is one of the most popular music-streaming platforms and it is one of the top ranking as well. People switch to Spotify to listen to music in all their favourite genres. The tremendous success, which Spotify enjoys, reveals a lot about the authenticity of this platform. This platform is amazing and around 20 billion electronic music stream in a month here.


Spotify does not only give its audience a platform to listen to music. Along with giving a platform, it also makes sure that it gives a chance to the promising artist as well. Here artists can reach out to global audience simply by creating an account. For an artist to get the recognition he or she deserves it is imperative that he or she gets the verified account. One can get a verified account here by getting access to Spotify for artists
Spotify for artists

Spotify offers a best platform for all the promising artists. If you are an artist and you want to make sure that you reach the Global audience and that more and more people listen and like your music then it is imperative for you to create a free Spotify account.
After creating a free account on Spotify you can use this platform to add your music. The only way through which you can make sure that more and more people are listening to your music is by acquiring followers. Getting followers is no big thing here. Simply by creating a perfect playlist and uploading your work on a regular basis on a Spotify platform you can be certain that you are attracting followers.

Once you have enough followers and enough work on your dashboard then you can go for Spotify for artists.
The best thing about Spotify for artists is that you get a verified blue tick on the top of your profile. When people will see that you are a verified artist then you will have better chances of Jumping into the music arena.

It was a requirement of Spotify that you need to have minimum amount of followers to get a verified account. It was quite a tough job previously but now the Spotify for artists account is open to all, regardless of the number of followers.

Get access to Spotify for artists and tell them whom you are. Spotify will confirm who you are and once it confirms this it gives you access. The confirmation process can take from a week to two weeks. At the end of the day, you will end up getting a blue check mark on your profile.
Once you have this blue check mark on your profile, this means that you are now a verified artist. If you are having any trouble in verifying your Spotify account for artists then you can always contact the team.

You deserve the recognition and for that, you need to go for Spotify for artists.


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