To be very honest, Android users are lucky. They are lucky in this regard that there is almost every application available for Android users for the purpose of their choice. If an Android users wants to edit the pictures then the applications for that are available in the play store. If the Android users want to edit a video then there are tools available for that and if an Android user wants to add the text on a picture that even that application is available on a play store.


A play Store offers tons of applications to the Android users. Android users can download the application from all the categories in an easy and convenient way. If you want a VPN that is available, if you want an antivirus that is available and being an Android user, if you want a movie maker that is available too.

iPhone users get it a bit hard because not many applications are free for iOS users still the iPhone users are better than the PC users. App Store is much more better than a chrome store.

PC users are unfortunate in a way that they can enjoy few applications for their system. Chrome does not have many fantabulous applications in the library and whatever applications exist in the chrome library are too few for the satisfaction of PC users.

In such a scenario where an Android user falls in love with an android application, things become hard. It is very hard for PC users to get the Android applications on the system. For instance if a PC user loves VPN Monster, then he cannot download that application from a Play Store on his system. Why? Because technically you cannot access the play store on your system.
It is very hard for PC users to enjoy the Android applications. Android users have tons of applications on their disposal, so what to do in such a case where we desire an android application of a system? Is there a way through which we can download an Android application on our system? Yes, there is a way and that way out is called an Android emulator but what is an Android emulator?

Well, an Android emulator is a program and by utilising this amazing program you can download your favourite Android application on your system Windows or on your PC. Android Emulator allows you to get the Android applications in an easy and efficient way.

What is the way of downloading an Android emulator on your system? Well, that is pretty easy.

First of all you need to decide which Android Emulator are you rooting for? This means that which Android Emulator you desire for your system? We would suggest that you download BlueStacks. This, BlueStacks is an amazing Android Emulator and over the course of years it has garners fantabulous reviews from the users all over the globe. This is one of the best Android Emulator which is available in Google and it is very simple to install it.

To download BlueStacks on your system you need to go to Google. On Google you will find tons of links, click on the link of your choice and download BlueStacks.

After downloading this amazing Android Emulator you need to run the program. When you will run the program on your system then this software will be installed on it.

When this software is installed then open the program and you are good to go. Now with the help of BlueStacks you can access the Android Play Store. This is the functionality of this amazing Android Emulator. It allows you to access the Android platform on your system.

After downloading it, open the emulator, access the Play Store and then download the application of your choice.
For instance VPN Monster is a full-fledged Android application. If you want to install VPN Monster on your system then first and foremost you will have to install BlueStacks. Once BlueStacks is on your system then you can access the Play store through it. After accessing Play Store you can search for VPN monster and that’s it.

With the help of an Android emulator it becomes easy for all the users to enjoy the Android applications on a system or PC. Now you don’t need to worry, if you want to enjoy the Android applications while you work on your system then we have told you the way.

If you are not comfortable with BlueStacks then you can go for Dolphin or any other emulator of your choice. The function of all the Android emulators is the same. They will give you an access to the Android platform and once you have the access to the Android platform then you can get an access to any Android application.

Android has amazing applications on its disposal and that is why this platform is the best. Now you can enjoy the Android applications even on your system and we have told you how with the help of an Android emulator everything is possible. Now you can play the Android games on your system, listen to the Android music on your system and not just that you can even enjoy the VPNs which are available solely on Android platforms on your system.

An android Emulator is a mentor, it is a prerequisite and it is the best.


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