There is this thing with videos, you always want to edit them. People edit the videos so that, they can make the videos more aesthetic and beautiful. There can be tons of tools available for video editing but not all are brilliant and if even they are, they do not provide the exceptional services which one desires in a video editor. 
Below we are going to tell you about the best video editing software’s. After utilising these software’s you can be certain that your videos will look aesthetic and beautiful in every possible way.
These video editing software’s are the best in the market because they offer a lot of options to the users, so let’s start.



Filmora9 is one of the best video editing software which is available in the digital market. It is very easy to operate and it offers a lot to the users who use it. Using this software means that you will get high quality video editing features in reasonable price.
There is this thing with video editors, even when they come with cheap prices still not many users are able to operate them. Mostly the features of video editors are too difficult for words but no such thing exist with filmora9. Even if you are a newbie and you have just jumped into the arena of making videos then you can use it.
Filmora9 is straight forward to use and it offers the features in a professional way. It has amazing designs and by using these designs you can make your videos beautiful in no time.
In Filmora9 one can find lots of overlays, filters, elements and transitions. It is as good as Window Movie Maker but it is much more reliable. In this video editor there is also the option of adding music and audios. This amazing software supports Gif and 4K video editing. With its help you can do amazing titles. Using this software mean that you can polish your video edits with simple use of drop and drag.

Hitfilm Express

There can be tons of software’s available for Android devices but Window users are not that lucky in this regard. Not many amazing software’s exist for Windows in the video editing category. Well, but Hitfilm Express exist and it is one of the best video editing software you can find for Windows.

This software offers a lot to the users, using this software means that you will be capable of producing high quality feature films and even the music videos. The best thing about this video editor is that with the help of this software you can also add 3D effects to your videos.

For all the YouTube buffs this is an amazing software because with the help of this, you can also upload the video on YouTube using the built-in upload feature which supports YouTube. There is another good thing about this video editing software and that is, a free version exist for it. Exactly, by using the free version of this application you can make use of all the features.
When you buy this video editing software then you can enjoy the add-ons. Without the Add-ons you can always use the free version.
The good thing about this software is that you can buy this software in an economical and affordable price. You don’t have to pay much for this one.


If you are thinking that you can only produce the feature films with the help of Hitfilm Express then maybe you are wrong because there is another software available for windows which can help you make the feature films as well. The name of this amazing video editing software is Lightworks and guess what? This fantabulous software has been used by different Hollywood movie makers.
Did you see the movie Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street? Well you must have loved them and we would like to tell you that the editors used Lightworks in these movies.
This particular software has a lot to offer. The best thing about this video editor is that along with the paid version, free version is also available for the users.
If you are a newbie who want to make sure that you learn a bit about video editing that you need to use the free version of this fantabulous software. There is one limitation with the free version though and that is it only let you export a web compatible video format at 7:20. Otherwise all is good with this video editing software. You may have to learn it a bit to 10 become a pro but once you learn it then nothing can hold you back.
If you want to have one of the best experience of your life in the arena of video editing that you need to download this software.

Movavi Video editor

There is another software in the digital market which can be used for windows for video editing. This software is called Movavi video editor and it offers a complete editing suite. You can enjoy a lot of features by using this fantabulous video editor. With the help of this editor you can edit gifs and even 4k videos.
It is very simple to use and you can customise it according to your choice in and way and professional way. This software provides a clean and to the point experience. If you are a newbie in the video editing arena then you need to get a hold of this software.
This software is simply the best and there is no reason why it should not be on your system.
For easy features and awesome experience you need to download this video editor on your PC or system.

We have told you the best video editing software’s which exist in the digital Arena. Make use of these software’s and edit the videos in a way you want. These editors are simply the best and you can avail the features of these software’s in an economical price.

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