Big problems coming for the Whatsapp users. This decision will affect among millions of mobile users. Earlier this week, it became known that Google is responding to penalty imposed by the US government.


Affected: Smartphone Giant Huawei

Google removes the licenses for the Android. Since then, the Chinese are working hard to set up their own play store. This could come on the market in autumn. Problem: The US government also banned Huawei from installing apps from the United States. This could also affect Whatsapp.

No more WhatsApp on Huawei Smartphones and Tabs

As per reports, it could be that in future no more US apps will be found on Huawei smartphones. That would not only affect Whatsapp but also Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Whatsapp: Millions of customers could soon be without WhatsApp Messenger

Another problem could threaten: According to BBC information, the developer ARM make any cooperation with Huawei. The chips from ARM are the basis of almost all modern smartphones and tablets. Also from Huawei. Experts suggest that Huawei would have to put the smart phone business without chips from ARM outside China on hold.The US had put Huawei on a blacklist of companies. Listed on this list are companies whose relationships with US partners would be subject to strict controls.

Anyone who now wants to trade with the list companies must acquire a license. However, that can be denied by the US government if US security interests are affected. Huawei was accused of espionage by the US government.


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