In a blog post, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced that the Xbox Game Pass will be available for PC. The subscribers have the option to access a selection of 100 games for a monthly fee. These games includes by Bethesda, Sega, Deep Silver, Paradox Interactive and other publishers.


Microsoft Store 20% discount Offer

The members of the Xbox Game Pass for PC will receive an additional 20% discount on all games not already included in the Game Pass in the Microsoft Store.

However, Phil Spencer has not revealed further details at this time. Thus, it remains unclear when the offer starts and with what monthly costs users have to expect. He refers instead to the just under two weeks starting games fair E3 in Los Angeles.

Just a few hours ago, the Red Monders announced that their own store will open for Win32 games in the future. Microsoft has apparently recognized that the UWP apps have failed and Win32 remains the preferred format among developers and users. It is likely that the store will serve as a platform for Game Pass with partners such as Steam.


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