The MacBook Pro 15 “Touchbar 2019 has been re-designed by iFixit into its few parts and tested for repairability. Since, iFixit does not analyze much the Macbook Pro, one dedicates itself to the butterfly keyboard of the new Macbooks, which makes headlines since 2015 again and again. It was only years later that Apple acknowledged problems with the dust, which caused the jamming of individual keys. One tried with a silicone membrane to get this under control, but in vain.


In 2019, the butterfly keyboard will be re-worked, in addition to the silicone membrane there will be further minor modifications and a different material will be used. This is supposed to be a little softer and more transparent. iFixit has performed a detailed analysis using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and taps polyamide instead of polyacetylene in the 2019 model. Also, the switch itself should now be thermally resilient to avoid deformation due to heat.

Hopefully, Apple has been able to solve the dust problems with the butterfly keyboard. Whether this is really the main reason of jamming keys is still doubted. Of course, all this does not affect the reparability graded by iFixit. The non-modular design brings the MacBook Pro 15 “Touchbar 2019 just one out of ten points on the repairability index.


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