The US father has decided to promote the Fortnite career of his son. And that has obviously worked out great: In a video we see how “BuckeFPS” qualifies for the Fortnite World Cup.


The clip first shows “BuckeFPS” at work. The player battles through Fortnite matches in which he eliminates opponents. And quite unusual: in the background we hear his father, who obviously also controls the game and provides him with tips.

Certainly not every Fortnite player would have the peace of mind to concentrate on rankings and scores in the middle of the fray. “BuckeFPS” is very grateful to his father for his support, and finally he achieves the great common goal. The video on this article even bears the title “How my dad qualified me for the $50k Fortnite tournament”.

In the second half of the clip, “BuckeFPS” seems to understand that he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup with his last game. And that’s not all: With his entry into the finals he already has a prize money of at least $50,000. Of course, Mama is proud of her son, too, the first sobs are heard and tears of joy flow.

If you have never played Fortnite before, you can also try the free game on a mobile. How it works and what you should pay attention to, Martin summarized for you in a separate article on the installation and gameplay of Fortnite Mobile.


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