Hunt Showdown is Crytek Studio Fps Survival Hunting PVP game. Like all other games of Crytek Studio, it utilizes a highly demanding Cry engine. The game is in early access & only available on Pc. In the recently released teaser video “Light the Shadow”, Crytek teases a new boss -the Assassin.


Boss -the Assassin

The assassin kind of looks like what we see in horror movies, a human turned monster have a unique element to him -the bugs which he seems to be using to navigate through the area, surprising hunters with its dark looks and insects which he seems to be made of or are his source of darkness. Could also be an insect himself though looks monstrous and horrifying.

The boss seems to be using insects, mostly bugs to move around and possibly emerge from any place where insects are. Though there seems nothing much hidden or clues we can get from the trailer and it’s not a Crytek thing anyways, but a new boss update would be a good step for the game since previously game features only 2 bosses, though totally unique and heavily detailed & mechanically good. Now it’s a good time for a new boss to make its way in the game, giving players more variety and refreshing content.

Hunt Showdown: Xbox One preview

A trailer revealed a great news for Xbox One gamers, Hunt Showdown is making its way to Xbox One. Hopefully Xbox One X can run the game with stunning visuals and at least moderate framerate due to its excellent specifications which currently are the best among any console out in the market.

Hunt Showdown is PvP survival hunt game but seems heavily inspired from PvE. As Crytek are famous for their visually stunning & graphic demanding games since the Crysis series, specially Crysis 3, which even after almost a decade can compete with newer titles in graphics and visuals. As for Hunt Showdown, they delivered the game just right.

Hunt Showdown has very interesting PvP gameplay mostly focused on survival and hunting with PvE elements. Due to the nature of the game it’s still in early access and have the potential to become a best Solo & Co-op Survival game in the full release. The game environment and visuals are stunning, plus the solid gameplay mechanics for survival game, it can turn out to be one of the best survival hunting game out there.


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